Our Plastic Recycling Northampton Services

Plastic is an extremely versatile material that has proven itself invaluable to businesses across the world since its discovery. Used for countless products and their packaging, plastic has taken the world by storm over the last century, and the amount of plastic being used is always going up, which means recycling rates must too. Unlike organic materials, though, most plastics don’t biodegrade when they are transported to landfill sites. Here at Plastic Expert, we work hard to provide some of the best plastic recycling solutions in Northampton.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a range of services that cover all of our client’s plastic recycling needs. Plastic types from business waste can be collected using our services, providing you with waste management for your recyclable materials.

Which Plastics Can We Recycle?

  • LDPE Wrapping: Low-density polyethene is a great material for wrapping pallets and boxes, and it can usually be recycled to produce new wrapping plastics.
  • HDPE Pipes: High-density polyethene is an ideal material for making piping, though this material is often found in landfill sites despite the fact that it can be recycled.
  • Polystyrene Foam (EPS): Polystyrene foam is one of the most popular packing materials in the world. Landfills in the UK can consist of up to 30% polystyrene.
  • PP Sacks: Polypropylene sacks provide strong and reliable packing materials for products like animal feed and metal parts, and can be recycled to create new sacks.
  • PVC/uPVC: PVC is used for guttering and piping, while uPVC is used for windows and doors. Both of these materials can be turned into a fine powder that can be used to create new products.
  • Rigid Plastics: Rigid plastics are used for countless different types of product, but Plastic Expert can deal with them all.

Please note, we do not provide waste recycling services for household waste, general waste (such as carrier bags and plastic bottles), and food waste items. Please segregate these items at your home correctly for your local council bin collection service. We can, however, provide businesses with large bulks of items such as plastic bottles with a recycling service.

How Does Our Plastic Recycling Work?

Here at Plastic Expert, we provide a fast and easy solution for your recyclable waste. This all starts with a phone call or email to our friendly team. You can call on 0845 3669306 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you started with our services.

We offer collections to all of our clients. Collections can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you, we’re always as flexible as possible. Our Plastic Recycling Northampton service then redirects waste to licensed recycling centres where it will then be made ready for onwards recycling in the UK & overseas. Waste management doesn’t have to be a chore when you have the support of a company like Plastic Expert.