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When it comes to plastic recycling, we at Plastic Expert can help you look at the different ways of making your business greener and putting eco-friendly procedures into practice. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to waste management and recycling, and one of the best places to start is to invest in a baling machine or renting a plastic baler or compactor for your business.

It is important to get the right waste baler for your business, one that suits your exacting waste management needs. You will also need to have procedures in place to help you embrace recycling to your maximum potential and we can help you with these.

What is a Plastic Baler?

A plastic baler machine is an essential piece of kit when it comes to any recycling strategy and saving money. These machines are safe and easy to use. Balers are fitted with a press – a vertical hydraulic arm that operates on a vertical or horizontal plane. The press works by crushing together materials (such as cardboard and plastic) producing a bale, which can then be tied together. In the business world, the most common types of balers deal with cardboard, shrink wrap and many types of rigid plastics, but there are other bespoke balers on the market too.

How does a Baler Work?

Understanding how a baler works is a relatively straight forward process. Once the plastic compactor baler is installed by an engineer, you will need to open it up and thread baler strapping through the machine. When this is secured in place, you can lift the metal door, and start to put large volumes of plastic waste into your baler ready for crushing. Pressing the power button causes the hydraulics to kick in, and the roof of the baler is lowered to crush the material into a small and compact size. This process is repeated until the baler is full, at which point you will need to open the door and use the baler strapping to tie the bale together.

Types of Balers

There are many different types of balers to choose from and you need to make sure you are choosing the right plastic baler for your business waste handling needs. Essentially, the choice is between vertical balers and horizontal balers. Checking out the different bailing machines involves assessing the size of the baler. The Mil-tek 306 Plastic and Cardboard baler, for instance, is an ideal choice for a universal plastic baler. The PR75 Compact Baler, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for companies producing large volumes of waste. Checking out plastic balers for sale is important when making your decision, however, we also work with suppliers that offer plastic baler rental options as well. The PR250 Mid Range Baler, for instance, would be the perfect plastic baler hire choice.

What You Need to Know About Business Plastic Balers

Reasons Your Business Needs a Baler

There are many reasons your business might need to invest in or hire a plastic baler.

  • To save space
  • To streamlines your recycling
  • To become more cost-effective
  • To boost your green credentials

What to Look for in a Baler

When assessing the different types of balers on the market you must think about the size you can accommodate in your business, as well as how much plastic you are going to need to compress, and what type of plastic you produce. Bale weights are an important factor because you need to work out how many bales per day you are likely to produce. Plastic baling is a key factor in business recycling, and it is imperative to get this process right from the very beginning.

Different Plastics Your Baler Will Need to Tackle

There are many types of plastics produced by businesses, and there are balers available to tackle every type. By understanding the types of plastics, it can help to guide your choice of plastic baler purchase.


Soft plastics

Soft plastics include plastic bags, cartons, and tubing, and often plastic packaging that is wrapped around products. Soft plastics are perfect for balers as they are very easy to compact.

Hard plastics

Hard, heavy-duty plastics can be a little trickier as they are less easy to condense. These include plastic jugs and plastic drums, to name a few. If your business is producing hard plastic waste, you might need to consider specialist plastic baler hire options so you can get exactly the right machinery for your needs.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are incredibly common, but they can be a challenge for balers due to their awkward shape. This might require a more powerful baler model if you are serious about dealing with this plastic effectively. Adding cardboard to the top and bottom to create a sandwich-type structure can be a good approach here.

Expanded plastics

The likes of polystyrene and styrofoam can be awkward when it comes to baling plastic because they are very bulky, and they mostly consist of air. This requires a specialist baler but the investment is worthwhile as expanded plastics are extremely cost-effective.

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Making the right choice for a plastic baler is important as it has the capacity to transform your company’s approach to plastic recycling. There are many factors to take into consideration during this process and this can seem daunting, however, we at Plastic Expert are here to help you and guide you through the whole process.

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