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If you are looking to buy baling twine, we are your go-to for baling consumables. Plastic Expert’s range of baler twine, wire, and tape are designed to provide strength and knots to secure waste bales at varying weights. This means when you are using your waste baler you can safely keep blocks of waste on site ready for collection, in a neat designated area. Not only does this create a more efficient workplace but also speeds up the process and ensures safety at your business.
We can supply to you anywhere in the UK, and offer next day delivery for all of our products providing a speedy and efficient service. Our team can even source bespoke products for clients who can’t quite find what they’re looking for, and match any requirements or sizes you may be in need of.
As a leading recycling company in the UK, we can also recommend the most cost efficient way to recycle plastic and offer collections and recycling services for all of your baled waste. A few waste types that we collect and recycle include plastic, cardboard, paper, books and even hazardous materials.
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Delivery – £69.50 ( up to 40 bundles )

Order minimum of 5 bundles.

Maximum of 40 bundles per pallet.

Suitable for the PE500 & PE550HD

9mm Baling Tape – Breaking strain 250kg
Suitable for the PE75 , PE150, PE200 Twin & PE250

13mm Baling Tape – Breaking strain 400kg
Suitable for the PE200 Twin & PE250

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We have all the consumables needed to help your business recycle waste.

The Benefits Of Baling Waste As A Business

If you are looking to save money, time, and space, then baling waste is your solution. Using this sustainable method to manage your waste will result in increased recycling rates, limiting the amount of waste ending up in landfill. This means we are able to repurpose waste, rather than have it decompose for years, polluting the planet through toxic emissions and substances seeping into the ground. In turn, this reduces the necessity for raw materials extracted during the production of products.
This is highly resourceful as a business, and will boost your green credentials in recognition that you are managing your waste with an environmentally-friendly approach. When the waste has been compacted into the secure separated bundles for collection, you will save further costs on limiting the amount of transport taken collecting your waste.
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Order your baling consumables and realise the cost effective benefits of baling your business waste. Our comprehensive range of polypropylene twine and other consumables means that businesses are sure to find what they are looking for to secure their bales safely. We work with businesses across the UK in varying sectors; such as manufacturing, distribution centres, schools and retail. Our team has a range of experience in managing multiple waste types and diverting large quantities of waste from landfills.
Whether you have small or big bales, our durable consumables will secure your waste bales safely. We also provide balers for hire across the UK, and can collect and recycle waste generated. Get in touch with our friendly team today and we will be happy to assist you with the most appropriate baling equipment for your waste streams.