New Plastic Recycling Centre NOW OPEN!

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Plastic Recycling Centre in Hampshire NOW OPEN!

We’re delighted to announce that our new plastic recycling centre in Hampshire is open for business. Located in Gosport, our depot will serve the Solent area and beyond to help recycle plastic and waste packaging materials. Our business is passionate about investing into infrastructure, enabling both cost and environmental savings to a variety of different organisations.

Who we’re working with:
Our recycling centre is working with various companies in the Hampshire region. This includes:

  • Skip Hire companies
  • Waste management and other recycling organisations
  • Automotive and car repair businesses
  • Window fitters and other producers of uPVC window frames
  • Warehouses, distribution centres and packaging companies
  • Food product manufacturers
  • Civil engineering and construction contractors

Which plastic materials can we recycle?
We’re accepting most types of plastic waste into our recycling facility. Some exceptions do apply such as NO food contaminated material or canisters with hazardous waste e.g. oils, paint, chemicals etc. The most common types of plastic include:

  • Scrap uPVC door & window frames
  • Road Barriers, Cones, Utility Pipe, Water butts, containers (HDPE)
  • Redundant Wheelie Bins & Recycling boxes (HDPE)
  • Construction film, packaging wrap (LDPE)
  • Builders sacks/tonne bags (PP woven)
  • Car Bumpers and automotive plastic
  • Crates, buckets & household containers (PP)
  • We’ll even take your cardboard!

Location and Opening Times
Our recycling facility is open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday – Friday, if you have have any questions about dropping off your waste plastic then contact us on 0845 366 9306. We’ll be very happy to help!
Recycling Centre Address: Unit 20 Quay Lane Industrial Estate, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 4LJ.

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