Recycling Construction Film

Considering Recycling Construction Film? (LDPE)

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)  is commonly used to manufacture pallet wrap, construction film, packaging film and containers throughout the world. We purchase baled LDPE film in full or part consignments. For suppliers with storage constraints, we offer a ‘mixed bale’ collection service which means we can collect other waste plastic packaging on the same vehicle. Recycling Construction Film is simple with Plastic Expert, and we pay competitive prices quicker than our competitors.

Not only Recycling Construction Film, we accept different qualities of LDPE:

  • 98/2 LDPE Film (typically from distribution centres and retailers)
  • 95/5 LDPE film (5% contamination which includes paper and labels)
  • 90/10 LDPE Film
  • 80/20 LDPE Film
  • LDPE Jazz (mixed colour)
  • Wash Grade LDPE Film

Thinking of Recycling Construction Film?

If you’re a commercial business, manufacturers, skip company, waste transfer station or recycling centre and do not bale your plastic waste, it’s important to be armed with all the facts. We can provide you with a ‘Plastic Recycling – Getting Started’ guide. In addition to the plastic recycling guide we can also recommend the right plastic baler to make recycling construction film so much easier. Our network of baler suppliers have a range of brand new and refurbished machines with various different finance options.


Unlike many traders or brokers, we buy baled LDPE film all year round. We supply the factories directly with large volumes of material from the UK, this means you’ll always be able to have your material collected in full consignments. Full loads of waste plastic bales are collected and sent directly for use at a LDPE Recycling factory, meaning recycling construction film actually happens sooner after collection than you’d think. Wash grade LDPE plastic (typically from skip and waste management companies) is sent to our wash plant in mainland Europe for treatment. Plastic Expert specialises in wash grade LDPE film with mud/dirt contamination and service over 150 waste transfer stations across the UK.

Photo: Recycling Construction Film in action! Baled plastic waste ready for collection.

LDPE Recycling

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