'Mouth To Hell' to be Recycled

Northampton's 'Infamously Ugly' Greyfriars Bus Station will be recycled now that it has been demolished. The rubble will be crushed and processed into hardstanding, paths and roads.

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‘Infamously ugly’ building brought to the ground

In a moment of viral bliss, Northampton’s ‘mouth of hell’ bus station, known commonly as the Greyfriars, exited existence through a controlled demolition. There was something quite pleasing about seeing this brutalist eyesore collapsed. Post-destruction, it has emerged that the rubble and detritus left over from the blast will be recycled.
(Credit Robin Hickmott)
It took 2,000 explosives to bring down the 22,000 tonne structure, which was thought to be in the UK’s top 3 ugliest buildings. Of this 22,000 tonnes, the contractor has announced that they expect about 97% of the materials to be recycled, a valiant attempt if achievable.
Much of the rubble will be crushed and reformed into hard standing for whatever the site will be transformed into, which is yet to be announced. The demolition cost £4m, slightly less than the predicted £30m refurbishment that was once proposed. With an annual upkeep of half a million pounds a year, it made sense to relocate (which happened last year, with bus services moving about 100 yards down the road).
Retail and leisure schemes are being considered for the site, if reports are to be believed, and the site could be leveled and cleared by July. All excess material will be recycled into the construction industry for purposes such as roads and paths.

Take another look at the demolition here. (Credit Herald & Post)


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