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London Bridge Books Case Study

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London Bridge Books

One of our customers includes London Bridge Books. They receive unwanted books in batches from suppliers, and with a demand increase, needed help managing and recycling the books. This resulted in them getting in touch with our team to find a sustainable solution for their book waste.

How We Helped

Previously they had cages and uplift of 5 at a time. Instead of the cages, they now store the books in large sacks of thick card dolavs and sacks on pallets. This enables them to efficiently store and prepare books for our collections.

Before & After

london bridge bookslondon bridge books recycling

The Collection & Recycling Process

We aim to collect up to 10 tonnes per collection and recycle the book waste at our facilities. Once collected, the book waste is transported to our licensed centers to be repurposed into new products. 

Recycling Reports & Documentation

A full report including the total recorded weights is given out to the customer following the completion of collections. This provides our customers with both legal documentation, and data to understand the full collection and recycling process we have provided. These documents also present the huge advantages of our waste services.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By working with Plastic Expert the customer is able to store their book waste effectively whilst benefiting from a collection service. Not only does this increase efficiency but also allows them to sustainably recycle their waste. This in turn cuts their carbon footprint whilst saving materials from ending up in landfill sites.

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