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How To Recycle Cardboard As A Business

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As a UK business, investing in local recycling might be a small matter for you. However, it’s one of the most important overheads you’ll ever have to deal with. After all, when your waste cardboard is building up, costing you time, money, and space, it’s essential to put a recycling process in place. And as a waste management company with years of experience, we’re here to help you find the best solution to suit you. Here’s what you need to know about finding a long term and sustainable way to deal with your cardboard recycling. 

Dealing with Your Cardboard Waste

The recycling process of breaking down cardboard is fairly simple. As a business all you need to do is ready your cardboard and paper waste for recycling collection, and then allow a company like ours to take it away to a local centre to be fed through various recycling machines. Before collection, we need the cardboard material to be baled. The good news is, we provide a whole range of cardboard balers for sale, lease and rent.

Once the cardboard arrives at a recycling plant, it is quality checked to ensure foreign materials have been removed and the bale is safe to be fed through a pulping machine. Bales are usually stored until a certain tonnage point is reached, at which point is crushed, cut, and mixed with water. Chemicals are then added to the pulp to further remove impurities, and then the mixture is dried and formed into new cardboard sheets. Recycled corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes are usually repurposed into products such as paperboard, food boxes, tissues and paper.

Bulk Volume Waste

When you get into the swing of recycling your cardboard waste, you can then start using bulk volumes to make the process more worthwhile. Not only is it easier for a waste management company to take away all your waste at once, but it can be cost-efficient for you too. 

A range of waste types can be baled and compacted. For this blog, we are going to focus on cardboard waste you may be producing. These could be types of cardboard including: 

  • corrugated cardboard 
  • cardboard packing boxes
  • cereal boxes and other packaging from the break room
  • pizza boxes (as long as any grease laden parts have been removed) 

Alongside these regular materials, it’s also easy to enquire about what other cardboard and paper based products can be thrown into the pile. Be sure to get in touch with your waste management company to ask about what bulks they accept and the discount for removal per volume.

Recycling Rebates

When you sell your recycled materials to a waste management company, you can get rebates on your removal rates. You’ll be paid for any tonnes of cardboard you collect once we’ve taken them away, which can lead to long term savings that’ll serve your business well in the future. The longer you work with a waste management service, the more cost effective the recycling process becomes, and the higher your rebates are likely to be. We can give you expert advice on recycling many other materials such as LDPE plastic and other waste material.

Recycling cardboard waste can be easy for a business like yours. When you decide to work with a local recycling centre, the onus for good recycling habits is taken off of you. As such, you save both time and money on your waste overheads, and it’s less of a responsibility for your employees as well.

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