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Graphic Packaging Partners With Coca-Cola Bottler To Launch Paperboard KeelClip™ Packaging

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Graphic Packaging launches United States’ 1st paperboard KeelClip™ Packaging For Multipack Cans

Graphic packaging creates paper-based packaging solutions for brands across the globe. These are designed with sustainability at the heart of production. The business has recently announced a partnership with coca-cola bottler Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages at the NY production facility. They will be installing a KeelClip™ 1600 multipacking machine, the 1st to be used in the United States after successfully rolling out across Europe.

How Does The Machine Work?

The equipment is a sustainable packaging system for multipacks of cans. The machine was designed to use fiber-based packaging, eliminating the need for plastics and shrink wrap. Liberty Coca-Cola has decided to install this innovative machine to improve sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. 

How Will This Boost Sustainability?

Graphic Packaging has said that the machine will remove 75,000 pounds of plastic packaging per year from the supply chain for approximately 3.1 million cases. It is estimated that KeelClip technology saved over 3 million pounds of plastic in 2021 alone, and has been used with over 550 million packs worldwide.

Paul Mulligan, Co-Owner Of Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages

“Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages is thrilled to be Graphic Packaging’s first partner in the United States to implement this innovative packaging system,” We are committed to producing sustainable products across our territories that eliminate waste and develop a circular economy. We know that the most valuable change to reduce plastic waste occurs when bottlers and packaging producers work together in partnership, and we look forward to partnering with Graphic Packaging on this sustainable packaging for years to come.”

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