Covid Screen Disposal And Recycling

covid screen disposal and recycling

Covid Screen Disposal And Recycling For UK Businesses

Recycle Your Covid Waste

At Plastic Expert, we specialise in recycling personal protective equipment such as covid screens. As many businesses have had a standard operating procedure to use covid screens, this personal hygiene waste stream has built up across the UK.
As specialists in recycling plastic waste, such as PET and acrylic, we know exactly how to deal with this waste appropriately. Our team can collect the covid screens in bulk loads, and have them recycled at our licensed facilities. This makes the process both efficient and sustainable for your business.

What Covid Waste Can We Recycle?

  • Plastic Covid Screens
  • PE aprons and gloves (only if redundant stock and not used)

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Why You Should Recycle Your
Covid Screens

Whilst many businesses are beginning to remove their covid screens, this plastic waste must be recycled by waste management companies such as ourselves. 
Whether you have used the plastic screens for protection at tills, the office, or to separate groups at restaurants, we are on hand to dispose of the waste effectively.
As the plastic waste is recyclable, it is important to make sure the bulk loads are collected and transported to a recycling centre. This means the waste will not end up in landfill sites or polluting our environment, causing further damage.  With plastic waste continuously on the rise, disposing of the large volume of covid waste we will see in the future must be done correctly.

How To Dispose Of Other Covid Waste

Due to health and safety procedures, there is a growing volume of waste in relation to covid. This includes equipment such as face coverings, gloves or aprons worn, test kits and flow testing kit waste.
Making sure that we recycle this waste where possible, such as covid screens, will help to decrease the impact that it has on our planet. It is also important to note that PPE items no longer need to be double bagged and kept separately, and should be disposed of using your black bag waste bin. 
However, if you are isolating and using PPE then you should follow previous guidance stating waste should be double bagged and kept until 72 hours is over before being placed with general waste. This is because it may pose a risk to public health. Unfortunately, many curbside collections cannot recycle covid waste.
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Covid Screen Disposal
& Recycling Service

At Plastic Expert we collect and recycle bulk loads of plastic covid screens. If your business has a large quantity of waste, or is planning a date to remove the installed screens, get in touch with our team. We can arrange to have the waste collected and disposed of swiftly so that you can return to your business.
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