Plastic Expert launches a UK-Wide Carpet Recycling service

Whats on this page?

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new UK-wide carpet recycling service.

Whether you are a waste management company, a recycling centre, a waste collector, or a carpet manufacturer, supplier, or fitter, this comprehensive carpet recycling service is ideal for you. We can now offer a way for you to responsibly and ethically handle your carpet removal, helping you to act considerably greener and avoid the use of landfills.


Are carpets in landfill a problem?

You bet they are! Every year around 500,000 tonnes of carpet waste is being generated in the UK. With this astronomical figure, we knew that we had to introduce a carpet disposal support service to keep carpet waste away from landfill facilities. Carpets do not decompose quickly, therefore modern landfill is a terrible place to send them, especially when they can be recycled into something better. Let’s end the landfilling of carpets together.


Who are we working with?

  • Waste Management companies
  • Recycling centres
  • Waste collectors
  • Carpet manufacturers and suppliers
  • Large carpet fitters

We are open to working with businesses who fall outside of these terms too, so please don’t feel excluded, just get in touch with us!


Why Plastic Expert is the responsible choice?

Our primary goal is to provide a responsible, eco-friendly solution for carpet recycling that builds trust with business owners. Unlike some other carpet ‘recyclers’, we are not diverting your carpets from the landfill to the incinerators, we are actually making sure they are recycled into new products.

Incineration is not a very good solution for carpet disposal because of the extreme levels of CO2 that it creates, and landfills are not ideal either because of the slow decomposition of the materials.

With our carpet recycling method, we can transform your carpet waste into something resourceful, valuable, useful, and cost-effective, in such a way that the resources and materials will benefit both the local economy and the environment.

Whilst it is normal to think that a sustainable solution like ours might only work on a micro-scale, you’d be wrong. Rest assured, we can handle huge assignments of carpet waste, ensuring that high volumes of material can be recycled effectively. Already we are handling ten-tonne collection loads from clients, and we have the capability to go well beyond this. 

Our facilities are large, our techniques are effective, our teams are capable, and your carpet disposal will be in good hands with us.


Our customer journey explained

 Here is a bit of insight into our carpet recycling process:

  1. You make the first move and call our account managers to discuss your carpet disposal needs: how much there is, how much you are producing, and how soon you need it collected.
  2. We will send our haulage partners to collect the carpet waste at the agreed time, suiting your business needs and schedule.
  3. We will take the carpet waste back to a licenced facility, where it will be sorted into different types of carpet and material groups so that it can be recycled more effectively.
  4. When we have the optimal amount, the recycling process begins (recycling in massive bulk reduces environmental impact and minimizes required transportation trips).
  5. The carpet is then shredded in our specialist recycling facility. The materials get separated again and have a large potential for future usage.


Long-term collection partnerships

 Businesses that produce a large amount of carpet waste tend to do so on a regular basis, so we have set up our carpet disposal service to work best for you in the long run. You will be able to get all the support and advice you need from your account manager. All collections will work to your schedule, and we will keep our side of the bargain by making sure that the material is handled responsibly.


Some final things to take away and mull over…

When you find a carpet recycling solution, you want to be sure that you can trust them that they will do exactly as promised, that your account manager will answer the phone, and that your individual needs will be met and understood. We understand this and we are so careful in not letting our partners down. Our high standards will meet your high expectations, and your concerns will be our concerns.

As much as we want to offer a great carpet recycling service, we know that your main priority is your business. We can work with flexible budgets and we can offer great rates to our customers. The great news is that there are savings to be made because our recycling service is cheaper per tonne than landfill rates. It is also better for the environment and saves you money to work with us. What is there left to think about?


Are you ready to start your carpet recycling journey with us?

Do you have more questions and would like to talk to an account manager? Call us on 0845 366 9306, or email us at [email protected] and we will be delighted to have a chat with you.

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