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Figures released last year by the UK’s carpet recycling industry association shows that there has been a modest growth in the tonnage of carpet waste collected for recycling and reuse in the UK in 2018.
Whilst this is excellent news, unfortunately for waste carpets, the usual methods of waste management options still prevail and these are far from being environmentally friendly.  According to the data, the sector is still on course to miss its 2020 landfill diversion target.  This is why we at Plastic Expert offer eco carpet recycling, an environmentally friendly waste management solution, which is certain to lift your company’s green credentials and help the environment at the same time.
Whether you are a carpet manufacturer, carpet fitter or supplier, a waste management company, or recycling centre who has old and unwanted carpet to dispose of, our waste management carpet recycling service is perfect for you. We can accommodate your unique requirements and help you figure out how to dispose of the unwanted carpet and consider your various waste management options, avoiding landfill waste and striving for more eco-friendly solutions.


Why use our Carpet Recycling Service?

The UK generates a huge amount of carpet waste each year – as much as 500,000 tonnes of waste carpet – and sadly much of this ends up in landfill sites. This clearly isn’t a sustainable waste management solution and the environment is suffering because of it. Therefore, if you are looking at disposing of your carpets in a more eco-friendly way, then our carpet recycling service is for you.
Most carpet recycling companies tend to send the waste flooring they receive to incinerators; however, we know that incinerating carpets is just adding more and more CO2 to the atmosphere, which is bad news for our planet and directly impacts global warming.
This is why all of the carpets that we recycle are used to create new products. The products that we at Plastic Expert make are useful and cost-effective, and they also help to give the environment and local economies a boost.

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How to use our Carpet Recycling Service?

Using our carpet recycling service is quick and easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large waste disposal company and have tonnes of carpets to get rid of, or a carpet fitter and need to remove flooring from a building site. We can accept all types of carpets, and no job is too big or too small for us.
To get started using our services, you simply need to get in touch with us and one of our dedicated account managers will be delighted to discuss your carpet recycling needs with you. They will want to know how much carpet you need to dispose of, where you are located, and when you would like it to be collected.


What happens to my carpet after collection?

A lot of our customers are interested in the ins and outs of carpet recycling. We are completely transparent with all our customers and we are more than happy to share the steps that their carpets will take on their journey to being recycled into new products.
  • Once our haulage partners have collected the carpet from you, they will deliver it to one of our licensed locations where our team start to sort out the carpets into different types, depending on their material.
  • Once we have collected enough carpets of the same type and material, we will be able to start recycling them. It is important that we wait until we can recycle in bulk as this will reduce the environmental impact of the whole recycling process.
  • The process of shredding the carpets can then begin! This is carried out in a special recycling facility. After shredding, the materials from the carpets are separated to optimise their future use and now your carpet is ready to be recycled into something completely new!
We understand that some businesses produce large amounts of carpet waste on a regular basis, and we at Plastic Expert are always on the lookout for cultivating long-term relationships with our corporate clients. We provide our returning customers with a dedicated account manager who will liaise with you about all your carpet recycling needs and set up regular collections.

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