Plastic Recycling Yorkshire

Seeking a plastic recycling revolution? Plastic Expert has the solution! We offer a complete plastic materials recycling service, including a range of efficient and easy to use machinery that will improve your waste recycling efforts considerably. Our main duty, however, is to collect and pay for your plastic waste, transporting it to our partners who will recycle it ethically and sustainably. One of the main benefits that businesses already working with us have said is that they are relieved to shrink the amount of waste material going into their bins. They are disposing of less, sending less to landfill, and paying less to waste management companies for bin and skip uplifts. The Plastic Recycling Yorkshire Service can create five times more bin space for other waste streams!

What We Recycle

At Plastic Expert, we collect and recycle a wide variety of plastics. Here’s a list of some of the plastic products that our recycling company is able to take through the recycling process. Most material will require baling before collection except larger items such as plastic pallets, wheelie bins, uPVC frames & utility pipe. We can also supply balers & compaction equipment on lease, rent, or outright purchase for preparation to recycle waste.

  • LDPE wrapping – low-density polyethene that is a popular material for pallet wrapping
  • HDPE – a plastic product used extensively in making rigid piping products such as underground gas & water pipe, also used for wheelie bins.
  • PP sacks – a type of sack that companies use to transport heavy items, like rubble or aggregate.
  • PVC – a common type of plastic used as a building material which often finds its way to landfill
  • uPVC – a variant of PVC commonly found in double-glazed windows and doors
  • PET – the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, a common material used for plastic bottles.
  • Cardboard – Collected in bales (minimum collection weights apply).

Why Should You Recycle?

Plastic recycling is great for your pockets and for our planet. The earth has finite resources, so we should make the most of what we have been given and treat it accordingly. Through our Plastic Recycling Yorkshire Service, we can show you how to treat your waste as a valuable resource by throwing away less and recycling more. By using plastic recycling machinery to make recycling bales, your business will also save money on waste costs and introduce a new revenue stream. If your business is looking to create a more sustainable planet and promote a greener business, we are here to help.

Recycling polythene waste

Collections and Enquiries

Collections by the Plastic Recycling Yorkshire Service are easy anywhere in Yorkshire. The waste plastic is then transported to a licensed recycling facility before it is sent for reprocessing in the UK or overseas. If your business is looking for an efficient and reliable recycling service, contact one of our team today on phone via 0845 3669306 or by email at

Please note, we do not provide recycling services for household waste plastic packaging such as drink bottles. We can, however, provide recycling services in large bulks of these items for businesses.