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Cardboard Recycling Value For Businesses

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Cardboard Recycling Value

When you’re regularly handling items made up of paper and cardboard fibres, there’s a lot of potential in sending the offcuts to be recycled and reused another day. Indeed, both your own business and the waste management plant you’re working with can make a profit off of these actions.

The question we get all the time is, how does that work?

The Value of Your Business’ Cardboard Waste

Cardboard waste is a lot more valuable than people give it credit for. As a small business, this is essential to know going forward as it can help you open up your profit margin and both make and save money in more areas. Yes, that cardboard box you crushed up and threw away this morning could help you diversify your current revenue stream! 

Cardboard waste has a high market value for a waste product. And when it comes to recycle prices, the cost can be offset by the money you take home with you after selling your cardboard to a recycling centre or specialised waste management business like Plastic Expert.

Bulk Waste Recycling Can Make Money

Depending on the volumes of cardboard you can bale, you could make upwards of £50 per tonne you sell. Cardboard prices do vary depending on world markets, supply and demand. Not only this, the weight of cardboard collected after it’s been compacted by a cardboard baler has an impact on the rebate your business will receive.

However, keep in mind that different recycling centres will offer different prices for your waste paper and cardboard, whereas Plastic Expert can give you a top rebate and collect other waste materials at the same time. 

Selling Your Old Cardboard

If you’re interested in selling your cardboard, it’s a good idea to find out what waste management services are in your area for a waste collection. Selling locally keeps transport costs down, and that’s just another way you can save money here. Local recycling is a profitable sector in itself, and there are many services out there that would be happy to buy old cardboard products from you to transport to recycling facilities and paper mills. 

Plastic Expert has a number of regional locations where waste cardboard can be recycled. We offer a national collection service and take cardboard and paper bales to the nearest site.

To obtain the best possible price for your lot of cardboard, we recommend keeping it dry and bulking as much weight as possible when preparing to recycle materials. The higher the quality of cardboard, the more rebate per tonne is possible

Over the last 10 years, cardboard recycling rates have ranged from £20 per tonne right up to £140 per tonne in some situations. These higher prices are usually for full loads (20 tonnes plus) of high quality, mill size bales of cardboard. As you can see, the value of cardboard recycling is huge!

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