Are DVD Cases Recyclable?

The types of plastic used to create DVDs and CDs are easily recyclable by specific recycling centers. However, as only certain recycling centres are able to handle the plastic materials used, you should check with your local curbside recycling program first before disposing of DVD and CD cases in your waste bins. This is why these products are seen as bad for the environment, resulting in much of this waste ending up in landfill sites polluting the earth and atmosphere. For this reason, it is incredibly important if you are a business with bulk loads that you find a waste management company who can ensure your unwanted CD and DVD cases are effectively recycled into new products. At Plastic Expert, we offer just that. With businesses across the UK acting in an eco-friendly manner by using our CD and DVD recycling services.

Why You Should Recycle Your DVD Cases

CD, DVD, gaming and jewel cases are recyclable products that can be repurposed into new products to introduce back into the market. When these materials are disposed of incorrectly, they can end up sitting in landfills emitting harmful toxins, seeping into our soils and entering waterways and the ocean. Here, we see highly impactful damage to our planet and habitats. Not only speeding up the rate of global warming, but also harming animals and their environments. In fact, as of 2022, every square mile of our ocean contains over 45,000 individual pieces of plastic.

How To Recycle Your DVD Waste

If you are a household, make sure to find local recycling centers that can sustainably recycle unwanted cds and dvds for you. Or, find out if your council provide local recyclable collections for these materials. Unfortunately, if you have unwanted VHS tapes these are rarely accepted anywhere due to their many different components. As a business, you may have much larger volumes to get rid of. The cost effective and easy solution for you is to partner with a waste management business to collect this waste on a regular or ad-hoc basis. Not only will this mean you are acting sustainably, but also create an organised workplace without the hassle of managing multiple waste streams on site.

Recycle Your DVDs With Plastic Expert

At Plastic Expert, we offer DVD recycling services for businesses across the UK with bulk load of these products. Our team can collect the waste at a time that suits you and have it cleared quickly and efficiently. If you are looking to increase your recycling rates and boost green credentials, get in touch with us today and book in your collection. We also offer recycling services for various other types of plastics, cardboard and paper materials.