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With around 2,500 tonnes of CDs being thrown away every year, it is essential this polycarbonate plastic is recycled effectively, whilst the cases themselves are made of polypropylene
At Plastic Expert we can take this product off your hands and have your unwanted CDs and DVDs sent to licenced recycling centres. We are able to collect and offer rebates for bulk load of good condition cases, with a minimum quantity of 3 tonnes. The waste should be in boxes and palletised for the collection process.

What DVD Materials We Recycle:

All of these products are accepted at recycling centres and can be turned into new items to be reintroduced back into the market. Unfortunately, cassettes are now rarely accepted at recycling centers because of their chemical content.  
DVD and CD recycling

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The Benefits Of Recycling DVDs & CDs

Initiating a recycling program for your plastic waste is vital for cutting your carbon footprint and diverting waste from landfill. Not only will this help your business become a greener workplace, but can also open up a new revenue stream for your waste products and grab the attention of a wider customer base.
People like to work with businesses that are caring for the planet and are much more likely to invest money in businesses making a difference. If you take advantage of this yourself, you can build a greener workplace, a positive attitude amongst employees, and a stream of new customers.

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If you have a bulk load of DVD or CD recycling that you need to dispose of sustainably, then Plastic Expert is your solution. We can have your waste collected and removed at a time that suits you, with minimal disruption to your workplace.
Our team can also recycle a huge range of other plastic products, along with paper and cardboard. We can even supply recycling balers and compactors to help you manage and store multiple waste streams. Get in touch today to book your collection, or simply have any questions answered in regards to your waste needs.
Please note, we do not provide recycling services for unwanted household waste. If working, you could donate to your local charity shop or even hold a jumble sale if having a clearout. If it is waste, local council collections may accept this material for recyclable collections. It’s important to check first or use local recycling centers.

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