Alki, a contemporary French furniture company dedicated to sustainable development, have recently brought the world of plastic recycling into the home with their innovative new product, the Kuskoa Bi. Created by baroque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki, this 100% bio-recyclable chair is sleek, comfortable and great for the environment. plastic The bio-plastic used in the Kuskoa Bi is made entirely from plant-based renewable resources such as corn starch, sugarcane and beets. This means that the environmentally damaging plastic that is traditionally used in chairs has been replaced with a substance that is fully degradable. plastic Not only that but the chair itself looks great, reminiscent of the famous Eames style chairs. The smooth, ergonomic design is a compliment to any modern home and it comes in a range of calming colours that can fit with a multitude of themes. The Kuskoa Bi’s semi-concave design has been cut in such a way as to deliver maximum arm and back support. The chair’s frame is solid oak wood sourced from fully sustainable forests. An upholstered version is also available for maximum comfort. Even though it is bio-degradeable, you might find yourself hanging onto it forever! plastic With its combination of pleasing design and minuscule environmental footprint, the Kuskoa Bi could well be the chair of the future. Now if only we could make it hover. By Reece Wilding Photos (here & here)