Waste plastic balers – Turning your waste plastic into £££!

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We’ve provided handling equipment including waste plastic balers and compaction systems to many UK businesses. Choosing the right baler is extremely important, there’s so much choice in the market place that it can often be a confusing decision. There are many important factors to consider which include:

  • Quality and reliability of the machinery – lower priced plastic balers tend to be of a much lesser quality. Like anything mechanical, the cheaper made machinery will not last as long, will be more likely to break down and maybe less easy to use.
  • Size, dimension and strength of the bales – particularly important when loading material into shipping containers. Using the correct baling wire ensures the bales do not ‘spring open’ when moved.
  • Bale weights – heavier bales tend to be better as it’s possible to load more material per consignment. By the same token it’s important that not too much pressure is put on to rigid plastic bales as this can shatter the material into small pieces.
  • Loading process – does the material need to be hand fed into the baler? Do you require a ‘hopper’ to tip plastic material?
  • New or used – we can supply new OR refurbished plastic balers.
  • Safety and service – your operators will require full training for health and safely purposes, we provide this through our network of qualified personnel.

Our experience and knowledge ensures that you’re only ever recommended equipment that will do the the job correctly. Balers can be purchased, leased or rented depending on your preference and requirements. We arrange all finance options through our specialist team plus delivery and installation of your baler. All machines are backed up by a service guarantee.

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