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Who are we?

Plastic Expert is a leading Plastic Recycling Company. We’re a privately owned business with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. Many of our suppliers are recycling centres, manufacturers, food companies and materials recycling facilities (MRFs). We buy a whole range of scrap and recycled plastic material. This includes LDPE, HDPE, PP, uPVC, PET Laminated Reels. Our head office is located in Bristol, we also have a loading site and depot in Hampshire which provides a UK recycling hub for many grades of waste materials.

If your company has waste plastic then speak to our purchasing team to discuss rates, collection options and commercial terms. We also supply plastic recycling equipment such as balers and compaction units. For regular suppliers we can offer long term contracts or agreements, this can be hugely beneficial to waste transfer stations and other larger producers of plastic waste.

About Us

We work with companies producing medium to large amounts of waste packaging material. Direct relationships with end users allows us to implement sustainable recycling initiatives for UK businesses. Much of the material we collect in volume is processed within the EU, this offers a more flexible option for loading as usually, we do not use deep sea export containers.

The Plastic Expert team will ensure your plastic recycling collections are compliant, efficient and commercially attractive. We have repeat customers and suppliers who have enjoyed working with our company since 2009.

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Mixed Rigid Plastic Recycling

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Mixed Rigid Plastic Recycling Mixed Rigid Recycling differs to other types of recycling, like LDPE, HDPE and uPVC, in that it is a mixture of several different plastics. The benefit of baling mixed plastics together is that some recycling markets, are happy to buy them in this format as it can offer them better value….

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Sea Salt Contains Plastic

World Recycling News

Warning: Plastic In Salt It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Plastic is poisoning us and there is no escaping it. It feels like just five minutes ago we were reporting on the news that toxic chemicals in plastic have been proven to leach into food and cause infertility and miscarriages. It feels…

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‘Poppy Man’ Made from 3,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Plastic Recycling News

With remembrance day just around the corner, poppies will be popping up all over Britain as a symbol of those who have given their lives at war. In Werrington, near Leek, hundreds of volunteers came together at Werrington Community Volunteer Group to make a special memorial. The sculpture of a man covered in poppies was…

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Who Invented Recycling?

Recycling History

Without access to a fully functioning time machine, it’s impossible to locate the first person to ever recycle a material, but we can tell you about some of the ancient history of the resourceful practice. It all starts around 12,000 years ago… Back then, humans lived in tribes and had a nomadic lifestyle, moving around…

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Warning: Plastic Rice

Plastic Recycling News

It’s sad when we hear that somewhere in the world, plastic is being used for evil. Plastic has so many great properties and can do so much, which is why 3D printing has been billed as one of the great modern inventions. So, what’s this great evil we’ve been made aware of? Plastic Rice. China,…

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Plastic Recycling: ‘Cloud Seeding’ Pavilion

Plastic Recycling News

Plastic recycling is a growing market, and with that growth comes new opportunities for recycled plastic to show its strength and versatility. Take the ‘Cloud Seeding’ Pavilion at the public plaza in front of the Design Museum Holon in Israel. They applied plastic recycling techniques to create of wonderful shaded area for a multitude of…

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Mealworms Are Recycling Plastic

Plastic Recycling News

You may have read on social media recently about a type of Mealworm that can survive on a diet made up of just polystyrene. If not, we are going to explain a little more, and how this could be a huge breakthrough for recycling plastic.. Mealworms are the larvae of the Darkling Beetle (see their…

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What is HDPE Recycling?

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What is HDPE Recycling? Most commonly, Polyethylene is processed into two different forms, Low Density and High Density (there are many types of Polyethylene, however). In this post, we will be looking at High Density Polyethylene, the stronger and heavier of the two plastics. In particular, we will be looking not only at the HDPE…

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Metal Recycling vs Plastic Recycling: Breaking the Myths

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Metal vs Plastic Recycling: Breaking the Myths. There’s an idea circulating that plastic recycling ‘isn’t worth it’. Is this mindset wrong?

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