Plastic Expert Partners with Toms Clearance in Bristol to save over £25k on landfill costs!         DSG Skip Hire is working with Plastic Expert to help divert plastic from landfill saving £26k per year!


Who are we?

Plastic Expert is a Plastic Recycling specialist. We buy redundant plastic and cardboard grades from the UK & Europe and place the material directly into end markets for reprocessing. Our factory partners are located within Europe and the Far East which, provides a sustainable route for most types of recycling. We’re a privately owned business with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. Many of our suppliers are recycling centres, manufacturers, food companies and materials recycling facilities (MRFs).

About Us

We work with companies producing medium to large amounts of waste packaging material. Direct relationships with end users allows us to implement sustainable recycling initatives for UK businesses. We engage directly with commercial and industrial waste producers as well as waste management companies.

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An Interview With Ecosia

Sustainable Business

Plastic Expert are delighted to welcome Ecosia… ‘The world’s leading environmentally friendly search engine’. Ecosia uses profits to plant trees and support other environmental projects to make a more sustainable world.   Who came up with the idea for Ecosia and what were the first steps to build it? Christian Kroll founded Ecosia in December…

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7 Free Apps to Make You Greener!

FREE Information

Become greener with these 7 apps! Let us tell you a bit about them…

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Arizona’s Big Backwards Step

World Recycling News

Arizona has just taken a massive backwards step for recycling, discrediting all the hard work California has been doing.

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An Interview With Elvis and Kresse


Plastic Expert is pleased to introduce Elvis and Kresse, one of the UK’s most innovative brands… Welcome, Elvis & Kresse, would you like to introduce yourselves and your business? Hi! We are a couple of waste loving, backward working environmental designers. We have been working together, reclaiming and cherishing materials that would otherwise go to…

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Kuskoa Bi, the Bio-Degradeable Plastic Chair

World Recycling News

Baroque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki has developed this 100% bio-recyclable chair, that is sleek, comfortable and great for the environment

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An Interview With Yolanda Drewell


We talk to Yolanda Drewell, founder of Buzzcloth…

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5 Eco Airbnb Properties You Have To See!


Recycled materials, converted shipping containers or a treehouse. Take a look at some of our favourite eco-homes from Airbnb!

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Five Other Voices For Recycling News

World Recycling News

Plastic Expert has quickly become a reliable source for news, reviews and information in the world of recycling. We aren’t, however, the only outlet for this sort of media, and we’d like to give credit to some of the other major players. Don’t worry if your media outlet isn’t featured, we will be sharing more…

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Could Ocean Micro-Plastic Pollution Be Reversed?

World Recycling News

Could Micro-Plastic from the world’s ocean’s be removed, reversed, prevented or cleaned? Time to discuss…

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