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Plastic Expert is a Plastic Recycling specialist. We buy redundant plastic and cardboard grades from the UK & Europe and place the material directly into end markets for reprocessing. Our factory partners are located within Europe and the Far East which, provides a sustainable route for most types of recycling. We’re a privately owned business with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. Many of our suppliers are recycling centres, manufacturers, food companies and materials recycling facilities (MRFs).

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We work with companies producing medium to large amounts of waste packaging material. Direct relationships with end users allows us to implement sustainable recycling initatives for UK businesses. We engage directly with commercial and industrial waste producers as well as waste management companies.

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Plastic Expert Interview | Studio Swine Part Two

Plastic Recycling News

A few months ago we caught wind of a short film highlighting the incredible scale of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. The makers of ‘Sea Chair’, Studio Swine, have been hard at work on a new project, showing the brilliance of plastic recycling in a new way. We’ve welcomed Studio Swine’s Alex and Azusa…

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Sustainable Cities | Lyon, France


Bienvenue á Lyon! Take a virtual trip with us to the fabulous French city… Lyon is France’s third largest city after Paris and Marseille, with a metro population of 2.2 million. We had considered writing about Paris, but for a city with such an air pollution problem, it just didn’t feel right. That’s not to…

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Plastic Recycling News | Pyrolysis, a new future for plastics?

Plastic Recycling News

Pyroly-what? It is claimed that Pyrolysis, ‘a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen’, could be the answer for unrecyclable plastics headed to landfill. That’s a bit of a scientific mouthful, but essentially it’s turning plastic (back) into oil through some very fancy technology. We are blessed in the…

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Case Studies | DSG Skip Hire

Case Studies

Plastic Expert partners with DSG, a small skip hire company based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, to maximize their recycling potential. Before a working relationship with Plastic Expert began, DSG used to have a lower specification baling machine and produced LDPE and mixed rigid plastic bales. When China introduced their ‘Green Fence’ policy, which relates to the quality…

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Sustainable Cities | Copenhagen, Denmark


This week we visit Copenhagen, Denmark. Velkommen! On our virtual journey, we explore recycling and sustainability in a city that has been deemed by many to be the first city with a realistic chance of reaching carbon neutrality. Wind Power There’s a myth out there that wind farms are noisy and ugly, which is why…

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World Recycling News | Sony’s Recycled Plastic Targets

World Recycling News

A couple of months back we wrote an article about Dell computers, and how they were pledged to increase their recycling targets and use more recycled plastic in their products. It’s now Sony’s turn to come under the spotlight, after their recent CSR updates proved to be very enthusiastic to the idea of maximizing recycling….

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Book Review | ‘Why should I recycle?’ by Susan Meredith


‘Why should I recycle?‘ by Susan Meredith. Other credits: Illustrated by Christyan Fox, Designed by Hannah Ahmed. Recycling advice by Dr Margaret Bates, Edited by Jane Chisholm, Photographic manipulation by John Russell, Additional advice by David Rumble.   Review When I pulled ‘Why should I recycle?’ out of the envelope, I was firstly impressed with…

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Sustainable Business | Enviromate


We here at Plastic Expert are pleased to welcome the founders of Enviromate… Hi guys, would to like to introduce yourselves to our readers? Hi everyone, our names our Reiss & Nigel, we are two UK Entrepreneurs who have co-founded the social enterprise and construction material reuse site Enviromate®. Reiss studied business management at university…

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Sustainable Cities | Honolulu, Hawaii


Aloha! Honolulu is the largest and capital city of Hawaii, situated on Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island. It is home to Pearl Harbor, the area which was attacked by the Japanese in 1941 and made into a movie epic in 2001. Honolulu’s land is so limited that the peaceful residents make a bold commitment…

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