Who are we?

Plastic Expert is a global materials recycling specialist. We buy redundant plastic and cardboard grades from the UK & Europe and place the material directly into end markets for reprocessing.

Our factory partners are located within Europe and the Far East which, provides a sustainable route for most types of recycling.

About Us

Our sustainable end markets allow our company to purchase materials all year round. With many customers in the EU, our business is not affected by the 'green fence' situation in China and other import restrictions surrounding the far east.

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Materials we Purchase

We buy the following Plastic and Cardboard grades from the UK & Europe.

Car Bumper Bales

Automotive plastic scrap is of significant importance as current manufacturer’s guidelines and EU directives call for a recyclate/virgin blend.

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HDPE Mix Grade Regrind 11

HDPE & PP Regrind

Our company is routinely engaged by overseas extruders and manufacturers to identify particular grades of plastic shred, flake, pellet or compound for an on-going supply.

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Rigid Plastic Bales

Utility off cuts, Council recycling boxes and wheelie bins, Manufacturers scrap, C&D, Skip Bin are the most common sources for baled rigid items.

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PP bags 2

PP Sacks

This material comes in all shapes and sizes and from various sectors. Feed grain sacks, grain bags, flour bags, builder’s bags, dumpy bags to name but a few.

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Clear Film 98_2


Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is commonly used to manufacture pallet wrap, carrier bags, packaging film and containers throughout the world.

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Cardboard Bales

Cardboard & Paper

Plastic Expert is one of the UKs leading paper and cardboard recyclers, supplying waste packaging material back into manufacturing

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The latest News and Updates, from Plastic Expert

Europe the low risk cardboard recycling option

Cardboard Bales

Having worked on export routes globally for a number of years we are of the opinion that working with members within the Eurozone offers the benefit of consistency in pricing, consistency in ability to dispose of product and a low risk option, when compared to the rest of the world. British Mills release a number… Read more »

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Picking the right Plastic to boost your profit


Given that virgin polymers range in value from £800 – £8000 per tonne it is little wonder that plastic manufacturers are very keen to purchase on going volumes of recyclate. Plucking the right plastic off the deck or picking line will in fact generate thousands of pounds each month of additional profit, by reducing your… Read more »

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Plastic is Fantastic

We come into contact with plastic through almost every minute of each living day; it’s actually impossible to avoid the material living the modern way that we do. Generally speaking plastic is made from an oil refinery or petro chemical process to create what is called a ‘Polymer’. Many polymers can be recycled up to… Read more »

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Urban Mining

When I was a kid and asked what I was going to do for a job as a grownup I replied, ‘I am going to be a pilot’. I can guarantee that at no time at all as a 10yr old lad, did I ever even develop a precursor to any inclination that I’d become… Read more »

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