Plastic Expert Partners with Toms Clearance in Bristol to save over £25k on landfill costs!         DSG Skip Hire is working with Plastic Expert to help divert plastic from landfill saving £26k per year!


Who are we?

Plastic Expert is a Plastic Recycling specialist. We buy redundant plastic and cardboard grades from the UK & Europe and place the material directly into end markets for reprocessing. Our factory partners are located within Europe and the Far East which, provides a sustainable route for most types of recycling. We’re a privately owned business with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. Many of our suppliers are recycling centres, manufacturers, food companies and materials recycling facilities (MRFs).

About Us

We work with companies producing medium to large amounts of waste packaging material. Direct relationships with end users allows us to implement sustainable recycling initatives for UK businesses. We engage directly with commercial and industrial waste producers as well as waste management companies.

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West Africa’s E-Waste Nightmare

World Recycling News

250,000 lives are in danger in Agbogbloshie, Ghana, where the world’s largest e-waste dump is operating a manual plastic recycling operation.

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Ethiopia’s Recycled Plastic Water Towers

World Recycling News

Arturo Vittori’s recycled plastic (polypropylene) water towers have introduced clean water and a new social hub for residents in some areas of Ethiopia.

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Green Warehouse

Sustainable Business

Green Warehouse make and supply recycling bins made from post-consumer recycled plastic, their product won Best Recycled Product of the year 2013. We spoke to them to see how things were going.

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Middlesbrough | ‘The Recycling Rates Boom!’

Sustainable Cities

Reports filtering out of the North-East would suggest that Middlesbrough is experiencing a ‘recycling boom’. In 2005, Middlesbrough had one of the lowest recycling rates in the country at just 11%. To top it off, in 2007, the town was voted the worst place to live in the UK. In 2015, ‘Boro’ has progressed to…

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Recycling Reviews | Coca Cola Recyclometer


Plastic Expert reviews the Coca Cola Recyclometer… Recycling without seeing the benefits often means that many aren’t as conscious as they should be about the impact their waste has on the environment. However, many businesses are coming up with some fantastic ideas in order to make their customers more aware of the implications of their…

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6 Recycled Buildings The World Loves!


From container houses to clay ‘earthships’ and houses made from recycled windows, the world of recycled architecture is blossoming. We look at six well loved recycled building projects from around the globe!

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Unilever & Greenredeem vow to help Comic Relief!

World Recycling News

Unilever have announced a new recycling partnership with Greenredeem that will support Comic Relief.

Some of Unilever’s brands, such as Persil and PG tips are already working with Comic Relief to encourage Greenredeem members to donate points earned from recycling.

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Search for the Best Recycled Plastic Product 2015

World Recycling News

The European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations have recently launched a competition to find the ‘Best Recycled Plastic Product’ for 2015

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Cali Doesn’t Ban the Plastic Bag, Yet…

World Recycling News

Uh oh, Cali didn’t actually ban the bag…

At the end of November, we reported that California had taken the bold step of banning plastic carrier bags. That was due to begin on July 1st, but unfortunately, due to some environmentally unfriendly campaigners, the ban has been suspended until a 2016 vote.

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