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Acrylic Recycling Case Study

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Identify The Problem

Our customer offers personalised signs in the UK for rooms, shops and offices. They are then left with acrylic skeletal waste once the signs have been created for their clients. The business then palletises the leftover waste and has been disposing of this locally until working with us at Plastic Expert.

How We Helped

We were able to offer our customer a collection service and rebate for their skeletal waste (with the skeletal waste being sent to our domestic factory for recycling). This benefited them not only financially, but also sustainably in repurposing the leftover acrylic waste into new products. 

The Process Of Collection & Recycling (What Happens To The Waste)

In total, we collected 8000kg of skeletal waste in sheets across 4 pallets. On-site they will be unloaded, taken off the pallets and then sent straight for processing.


leftover acrylic waste

Recycling Reports & Documentation

A full report of each collected load is sent through to us by our domestic factory and then sent to the customer (this is known as a Waste Transfer Note WTN). These are used to show the total amount of weight collected (pallet weight is removed from this total). A full collected load as shown in the photos is approx 3 tonnes in total.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert the customer avoided disposing of this product, saving space in landfills and the environment from further pollution. This also cut their costs and allowed us to offer the customer rebates on this material: Opening up a new stream of money for what would usually be thrown away as rubbish. If you are ready to experience the cost and environmental benefits that Plastic Expert has to offer, get in touch with our team today.

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