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WRAP launches “Clear on Plastics” campaign

Whats on this page?

Wrap launched its new campaign ‘Clear on Plastics’ – this campaign sets out to give clear information to consumers about plastic use in packaging. This then allows consumers the information they need to know so that they are able to make more informed, sustainable decisions regarding purchases, packaging, and what to do with them. This is good news for those who want to help the planet as much as possible, as it’ll clear all confusion surrounding plastics and allow the average homeowner to do the right thing.  


What is ‘WRAP?’

WRAP is a Non-profit organisation, and they are leaders of the UK Plastics Pact. WRAP stands for ‘Waste and Resources Action Programme’ and they explained that the ‘Clear on Plastics’ campaign is aimed at clearing confusion over plastics. They will share the latest insights on complex subjects such as plastic alternatives and bioplastics using their website, empowering homeowners and businesses alike to make better, environmentally conscious decisions. 


A Valuable Resource 

If you take a look at the website linked to the campaign, WRAP answers questions that many people have regarding plastics. For example, teaching people about compostable plastics and discussing whether all plastics should be viewed as bad. 


One important question that WRAP asks, is why we can’t simply ban plastic packaging? Surely this would solve all of our problems relating to plastic and the environment? 


WRAP explains that banning all plastic packaging is not the right solution to solving the plastic problem. The UK recycling system has some faults. It’s difficult for us to recycle some types of plastic but there is a huge amount of work being done to improve UK recycling infrastructure. 


The real problems begin when plastic becomes litter in the ocean and other bodies of water. This is when it begins to damage the environment beyond repair. Not only is it polluting the oceans, but strangling innocent wildlife and becoming a dangerous meal for many unsuspecting creatures. The only way to stop this is to reduce, re-use, and recycle plastics as often as possible. 


Is Plastic Packaging Ever Really Needed?

WRAP also sets out a case for when plastic as a packaging material is needed. Clear on Plastics will explain the role of plastic packaging in protecting products and demonstrate the benefits and drawbacks of alternatives.The campaign will provide tips and advice on how citizens can reduce their plastics usage at home.


Is There Really Any Point In Recycling Plastics? 

Some residents have a worry that it simply isn’t worth recycling their plastics. After all, what difference could they make alone? However, we must continue to build momentum when it comes to recycling plastics for both the environment and the economy. Plastic is a valuable resource that we must keep in use, but out of the natural world at the same time. Keeping them apart should be the concern of everybody – not just people who care about the environment and our planet, but those who care about animals, and the quality of our children’s lives growing up. It should be second nature to every household – consciously choosing what to buy, and then either reusing or recycling the packaging. If you get creative, there are likely many other uses you could think of. 


Answering FAQs Regarding Plastics 

WRAP is committed to updating the website regularly, responding to consumer’s latest questions regarding plastic. 


“We review the questions and issues you have about plastics and update the site regularly to bring you new information and insight based on the latest evidence and scientific research,” said WRAP. 


Peter Maddox, Director of WRAP UK, went on to say: “When we set up The UK Plastics Pact we committed to uniting an entire supply chain with a common goal to keeping plastics in the economy and out of the environment. We also committed to engaging with citizens, who are concerned about the environment and want to understand how they can play their part. But we know that navigating the issues around this complex material can be tricky. We’ve listened to the most common areas for confusion and have designed Clear on Plastics to address those, so that citizens are empowered to make their own informed decisions when it comes to plastics.”


If you want to become more conscious of the products you buy and the packaging they use, keep an eye on the site to learn more. You will soon be able to make better decisions regarding plastic, and will be on your way to making a difference to the planet. 


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