World’s 1st Net Zero Cement

The World’s 1st Net Zero Cement Is In The Works

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Net Zero Cement Production Trials Begin!

The world’s first net zero cement has begun production trials. The process was developed by Cambridge University researchers and industry experts. The process involved using recycled cement as the flux in the electric steel recycling process created Portland cement clinker, which can be blended to make zero-emission cement.

What Does Cement 2 Zero Production Involve?

This innovative production secured a huge investment of £6.5 million to fund the 2 year trial period. This will involve both technical and commercial aspects of upscaling the net zero cement to produce 20 tonnes of the product to be used in a construction project. 

Dr Philippa Horton, University of Cambridge

“If Cambridge Electric Cement lives up to the promise it has shown in early laboratory trials, when combined with other innovative technologies, it could be a pivotal point in the journey to a zero-emissions society.

Dr Cyrille Dunant

“CEC offers a positive move in cement production and will support the industry response to the UK’s legally binding commitment to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050”.

The Importance Of Sustainable Advancements In Construction

Sustainable solutions in construction are crucial for building a more sustainable future. These advancements allow for the creation of buildings and infrastructure that have a lower impact on the environment and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Furthermore, sustainable construction can also help to reduce operating costs, improve the resilience of buildings to natural disasters, and create long-term economic benefits. With the growing concern over the impact of human activities on the environment, the importance of sustainable advancements in construction cannot be overstated.

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