Why Is It Important To Recycle

Why Is It Important To Recycle

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Why Is It Important To Recycle Waste?

As we all know, recycling materials has a monumental positive impact on the planet and people. For future generations, it is essential that we are boosting sustainability across businesses, at home, and throughout our daily lives. 

The importance of recycling is growing day by day, and understanding exactly why it is key will help encourage people to recycle their waste where possible.

In this blog, we are going to explore 4 main reasons as to why it is important to recycle and how you can make a difference. 

What Are The Benefits Of Recycling?

1. Reduces the amount of waste in landfill sites

When we dispose of waste wrongly, the materials may end up festering in landfill sites. Here, air and water pollution occurs through greenhouse gases emitted. Landfill gas also contains many different toxins. Methane and carbon dioxide make up 90 to 98% of landfill gas. 

As waste releases methane and carbon dioxide, climate change and global warming is sped up. This is why recycling is so important in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diverting waste from these polluting sites.


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2. Benefits of conserving natural resources

When we recycle waste, we can save virgin materials from being overused in production. These may include items such as trees, oil, metal ores, and minerals. As these are becoming more sparse, recycling saves the need of extracting these natural resources frequently.

One top example includes deforestation. Recycled paper at (1 ton) saves 7000 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, and 17 trees in the process. 




3. Provides energy saving advantages

It in fact takes 95% less energy recycling metals such as aluminum than it does to make it from raw materials. We also use fewer fossil fuels for recycling than we would making new materials.

Another example includes glass bottles. When we recycle glass, such as 1 bottle, we can save enough energy to power a television for 1 ½ hour. Recycling glass reduces air pollution by 20% over making new glass.  

This means that whilst saving energy, we can emit fewer pollutants and save our environment and human health from risks. The monumental amount of energy saved by recycling is one of the top reasons recycling is so important.

4. Helps to create jobs and boost the economy

Whilst the environmental benefits go on and on, recycling also opens up more jobs. The economic advantages of recycling have been realised in recent years, with many jobs opening in the recycling industry. 

This includes areas such as recycling facilities, manufacturing, waste management, and more. With demand growing, the need for new sites, machinery, and innovative businesses is being pushed along.


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What Can You Recycle?

You can recycle so many different materials, and ones that we use every single day. Some of the most known materials that you can recycle include:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Recyclable plastics such as bottles, packaging, lids and pots
  • Aerosols
  • Metal containers such as cans and tins
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Food waste
  • Electrical waste.

Book A Recycling Collection With Plastic Expert

At Plastic Expert we recycle a range of different waste types. This includes bulk loads from businesses such as plastics, cardboard, WEEE and hazardous waste. We can arrange a collection to remove waste swiftly, and even offer rebates for certain volumes.

When the waste is removed, it will be transported to licensed recycling facilities to be fully repurposed. This means your waste will achieve all the benefits above, and be reintroduced back into the market.

To assist with recycling, we also provide recycling balers and compactors. This machinery helps to reduce your waste volume and store materials easily for collection. As the volume is reduced, you will also save space and the number of trips needed to remove the materials for recycling.

If you are looking for recycling services for your business then get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

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