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Who Is The Biggest User Of Plastic?

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The biggest user of plastic, according to Pollutions Solutions, is China. The country generates over 59 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. In 2019, the output of plastic products reached 81.842 million tons. The apparent consumption of plastic products in China is about 70 million tons.

The United States

The United States, often seen as a leader in many global metrics, also holds the title of being one of the biggest users of plastic. The United States produced 221 kilograms of plastic waste per capita in 2019 – roughly five times the global average. 

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Despite not being as affluent as China and the United States, India and Brazil also contribute significantly to global plastic consumption and waste production. 

India, with its vast population, generates a substantial amount of plastic waste. The country’s rapid urbanisation and growing consumer market have resulted in an increased use of single-use plastics. 

However, India has been making strides towards reducing its plastic footprint with initiatives like banning certain types of single-use plastics

On the other hand, Brazil is one of the largest users of plastic in South America. The country’s plastic waste per person is high, particularly due to the extensive use of plastic packaging in consumer goods. 

Similar to India, Brazil is also grappling with waste management issues that exacerbate the plastic pollution crisis, indicating a need for substantial improvements in waste collection and recycling infrastructures.

How Can We Reduce Plastic Usage

Addressing this issue means reducing plastic consumption, especially single-use plastic waste, as well as improving the methods for collecting and recycling waste. The greatest challenge lies in the balance between maintaining the convenience that plastic offers and mitigating its environmental impact.

As we move forward, it is clear that resolving the plastic waste crisis will require international cooperation, innovative thinking, and the courage to alter our consumption habits. The statistics above serve as a critical reminder of the scale of the challenge we face and the paramount importance of each nation playing its part.

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