Who Buys Recycled Plastic In The UK

Companies Who Buy Recycled Plastic

Are you looking to sell plastic waste? Plastic recycling companies such as ourselves are able to offer great rebates for your recycled materials. Whether this is post consumer or post industrial plastic items, we are interested in buying your scrap plastic! Not only will this open up a revenue stream for your recycled plastic, but also help you to build an eco friendly, sustainable business. 

The Plastic Products That We Buy

We are able to collect and purchase a range of plastic products, such as:
  • HDPE & PP
  • PVC & uPVC 
  • Plastic pallets
  • Farm plastics
  • Laminated films and reels
  • LDPE film.
Acrylic Recycling

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The Process Of Buying Your Recycled Plastic

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing the type & quantity of plastic waste, location, photos & how the material is stored.
We’ll then prepare an estimate for your waste and email this to you. Once you’re happy to go ahead with a collection, simply let us know and we’ll book transport.
Collections will then be made on a day to suit your business schedule. Please let us know any loading or access requirements in advance.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. All of your waste items will then be recycled into new products.


The Benefits Of Selling Your Waste To Us

Selling your plastic waste can be a great addition to your business finances. Particularly if you are producing large volumes of waste on a regular basis, you can make big sums of money for these materials. Whilst you can receive rebates for plastics, partnering with a waste management company will also mean the waste is removed professionally and efficiently. This saves you time and money managing the materials yourself.
When you recycle waste, you will also be able to reduce your carbon footprint contributing to plastic pollution. This means we can divert waste from landfill sites and push for a circular economy. Our high quality services result in your waste being fully recycled into new products to be reintroduced back into the market.

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We Buy Recycled Plastic

If you have a bulk load of plastic waste you are looking to sell, get in touch with our team. We offer incredible rebates for plastic materials and can have them collected and bought in no time. Our team works with businesses from a variety of sectors across the UK for most plastics, and we are excited for you to be next! Simply email us at [email protected] regarding your business and we will send over your rebate estimate.  
Please note, we do not offer rebates for small volumes of waste that do not meet our minimum weight requirement: You can find this out when contacting us regarding the type of waste you are selling. We also do not offer services for household and domestic waste, such as plastic bottles. 

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