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Plastic Expert launches national wheelie bin recycling service

Whats on this page?

Plastic Expert is pleased to announce that we have now launched our new National Wheelie Bin Recycling Service, supporting businesses all over the UK with the bulk recycling of their end-of-life bins.

Wheelie Bin Recycling – who benefits?

We are working with organisations who have large volumes of end-of-life wheelie bins, which is mostly skip companies, waste management providers, local authorities, councils, and facilities management companies.

We’ve already begun working with several UK councils and one of the country’s largest Facilities Management suppliers.

How do we recycle wheelie bins?

We collect and recycle end-of-life wheelie bins across the whole of the UK, though there are some minimum quantities and weights that apply, depending on your location.

We can also provide on-site bins and skip containers (RoRo), as well as offering a wait and load service. We prefer to collect the bins on curtainsiders, as we can get more weight inside those and maximise the space used, making the service more commercially viable.

7 reasons that you will love this service

  • You are guaranteed a reliable collection, working with your dedicated account manager to book in for a date and time.
  • We use intelligent logistics methods to reduce costs, such as in-area collections, where we service different regions on different days. This enables us to collect part-loads without charging the full transport costs to our valued customers.
  • This is the most carbon efficient way of collecting and recycling end-of-life wheelie bins. We place great importance on sustainability in our services.
  • Plastic Expert has no trouble recycling bins of all colours, shapes, and sizes, such as 240l, 360l, 640l, and 1100l.
  • We are fully compliant, providing you with all of the waste transfer documentation you need, such as a waste transfer note, a recycling certificate, and if requested, copies of our waste management licenses.
  • Through economies of scale, we are able to offer the lowest cost of disposal to our customers. Pricing varies depending on what, where, and how we are collecting things, which can sometimes result in a rebate, a free pickup, or a small charge.
  • This service supports the Circular Economy, as all bins are washed and processed at our partner facility in the UK. The assets stay in the UK for shredding, granulation, and compounding, with the resulting material sold to British manufacturers to make more wheelie bins, recycling containers, and other similar products.

What do you need to do now?

Pick up the phone and call the number below to make an enquiry or simply have a chat with one of our friendly account managers. If you’d prefer to contact by email, our enquiry address is below.

Plastic Expert is dedicated to approaching all recycling with the circular economy in mind.

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