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What Type Of Baling Wire Do I Need

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What Baling Wire Do I Need For My Equipment?

Baling wire can be used to tie recyclable bales of waste. Other consumables also offered include tape and twine. Businesses that use recycling balers or compactors will need to purchase these consumables to help secure their waste bales.

However, knowing what is correct for your equipment can be tricky. Below we have listed a few products that we offer and which bales they are suitable for. We have also included the prices that are provided at Plastic Expert.

Baling Wire For Mill Size Bales

Our 4.25m 3mm Cut & loop Short Galvanised Wire is suitable for the P500 and PE550HD. This costs £52 per bundle (Each bundle has 91 wires & makes approximately 18 bales)

Baling Tape For Bales

Our 9mm Baling Tape with a breaking strain of 250kg is suitable for the PE75, PE150, PE200 Twin & PE250. The 13mm Baling Tape with a breaking strain of 400kg is suitable for the PE200 Twin & PE250.

How Can I Order Baling Wire?

You can order baling wire with our team by getting in touch. We can have your order delivered in no time to assist with your recyclable materials. Our business also offers waste balers and compactors, so please let us know if this is something that you are looking for.

What Are The Benefits Of Baling Waste?

Investing in a baler will boost your recycling rates. As you are dealing with waste appropriately and segregating materials, the bales are prepared correctly for recyclers. Businesses such as ourselves can collect the bales from your premises and have them recycled into new products.

This will not only increase your green credentials but also create a more efficient workplace. Your waste will be safely and neatly stored in blocks, saving space and time spent dealing with the waste. You will also cut the number of trips needed to remove the waste due to the volume being decreased.

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