what is silage wrap made of

What Is Silage Wrap Made From?

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What Type Of Plastic Is Silage Wrap

The type of plastic that silage wrap is made from is known as low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Silage wrap is a crucial component in modern agriculture, used to preserve and protect crops for later consumption. It is made from a type of plastic that is specifically designed for this purpose. Providing strength and durability to ensure that the contents of the wrap are kept safe and secure.

Plastic Silage Wrap

This type of plastic is selected for its combination of flexibility, strength and resistance to water, which makes it an ideal material for wrapping and preserving crops. LDPE is also a recyclable material, which makes it a sustainable option for farmers who are looking to reduce the impact of their waste on the environment.

What Is Silage Wrap Used For?

Bale Wrapping

Silage wrap is used for a variety of purposes in agriculture. One of the most common applications is bale wrapping, where the wrap is used to protect hay or straw bales from moisture and other external elements. This helps to preserve the quality and nutritional value of the crops, ensuring that they can be used for feed for animals at a later date.

Preserve Crops

Another important use for silage wrap is to preserve crops in the form of silage, which is a fermented feed that is stored in a silo or bunker. Silage wrap is used to cover the crops in the silo, providing a barrier that protects the crops from air and moisture. This helps to prevent spoilage and to preserve the nutrients in the crops.

Fertiliser Bags

In addition to its use in agriculture, silage wrap is also used in a variety of other applications, such as in the production of fertiliser bags. The strength and durability of the material makes it ideal for this purpose, as it is able to withstand the weight of the fertiliser and provide protection from moisture and other external elements.

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The Benefits For Farmers

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