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What Is A Waste Compactor

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What Is A Waste Compactor

Waste compactors are designed to reduce waste volumes of various waste materials. The machines work by compacting waste with compression. This pushes the waste together into smaller volumes that make it easier to recycle and reduces the number of waste collections needed to remove the materials.

There is a range of waste compactors available for businesses to incorporate into their waste management plan. Compactor models come in all different shapes and sizes, and also for specific waste streams. Some are also able to handle mixed waste, meaning that you can find the perfect compactor for your needs. 

What Waste Compactors Are Available?

If you are looking for an easier, cost-effective way to handle your rubbish and recyclable materials, a compactor could be the right solution for you. Take a look at a few below that are available and their unique functions:

  • 205 Drum Press
  • Bin Press 1100 Litre
  • Bag Press
  • Glass Crusher
  • CE2000 Static Compactor
  • CE3000 Static Compactor

Why Your Business Will Benefit From A Compactor

More Space

As you are compacting waste and reducing the volume, less space is needed making it much easier to store. This creates a speedier workplace and cuts labour time in managing waste materials. The compactors are also incredibly simple to use, and do all the work for you! Having large volumes of waste cluttered on the floor can also pose a big risk factor for your team’s safety.

Fewer Collections

You will also have a much more efficient experience in removing the waste from the site, as waste collectors will be able to reduce the number of collections and transport the rubbish away quickly. Not only is this handy, but it also limits time for lorries on the road which in turn cuts your carbon footprint.

New Stream Of Revenue

If you are generating large amounts of recyclable waste regularly, waste management companies may even offer you rebates for the materials. In particular, plastic, cardboard, or paper bales are popular streams of revenue for many businesses across the UK.

The Environmental Benefits

When you use a waste compactor you are able to recycle your materials effectively. This is vital for organisations creating large amounts of waste that may have otherwise been chucked into bins or into landfills. Recycling waste also means that you can reintroduce products back into your sector, encouraging sustainability across your industry. 

Hire Your Waste Compactor With Plastic Expert

If you are ready to start achieving some of these benefits, grab your waste compactor with us today. Our vast variety can help you reduce your waste volumes by up to 90% and save you huge collection costs. Whether it be industrial waste, wet waste, or dry waste; our compactors for sale / lease will greatly reduce the amount of waste you are producing. With both static and portable compactors, we have many options for your waste handling and chosen requirements.

Our team is even able to collect and recycle your waste from the premises, and offer rebates for baled materials. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] to find out more about the compactors and balers that we have to offer.

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