A baler is used by businesses to reduce the volume of materials that they are producing. This equipment compresses waste down so that it is easy to store, transport, and eventually, be recycled. The equipment has a press of varying forces depending on your chosen baler, which presses the waste materials together so that it is compact into blocks. Once this baled material is produced, you can then use baling wire to tie the bales securely. Balers are typically used to reduce amounts of waste for the following types of materials: paper, plastic, or cardboard.

What Balers Are Available?

There are a huge variety of balers available to suit specific requirements and your waste disposal needs. Whether you are in need of a small recycling vertical baler to fit tight spaces, or are on the hunt for a heavy-duty baler with a more powerful press force for large quantities of waste, we have you covered. At Plastic Expert, we offer the following waste balers:
  • 75 baling press
  • 250 baling press
  • 200 twin chamber horizontal baler
  • 500 baling press
  • 550 baling press

Compactor Recycling Equipment

We also have a range of waste compactors available for businesses if you are looking for other machinery to manage your recyclable materials:
  • 205 drum press
  • Bin press 1100L
  • Bag press
  • Glass crusher
  • CE2000 Static compactor (large scale, industrial balers)
  • CE3000 Static compactor
This equipment is the perfect alternative to having many overflowing bins on site which get in the way, create a cluttered working environment, and may end up being dumped and disposed of incorrectly. The variety of balers and compactors available makes it easy for you to find the best solution for managing your waste streams.  With such a wide range you can find the answer for many different types of waste, and start reducing waste volumes at your organisation. These are often popular to use at hospitality locations such as pubs, distribution centres, retailers, or schools.

What Are The Benefits Of Waste Balers?


Balers are a great investment to cut costs paying for multiple trips for waste collectors, and with the opportunity to receive rebates for large bulks of baled waste. This is why so many organisations are enquiring for waste baler hire services to have this equipment placed on site. People are seeing the huge financial gain of using this equipment and finding new streams of money for their businesses. You will also be able to cut labour time in managing volumes of waste and provide an easy and efficient solution.


Balers also prepare waste effectively for recycling and limit the amount sent to landfills. This is through the waste being stored appropriately prior to collection, and correctly segregating materials ready to be sent to recycling facilities. As a business, it is key that you are cutting your carbon footprint and creating a greener workplace. 

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