What Bin Does Polystyrene Waste Go In

What Bin Does Polystyrene Waste Go In?

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You can recycle polystyrene with specialist recycling companies. However, polystyrene is not usually accepted with your local rubbish collections. If it is placed in your general rubbish, it will not be recycled. 

Why Is Polystyrene Not Commonly Recycled?

Polystyrene is not commonly recycled due to several limitations associated with the material. Here are the primary reasons:

Low Density and High Volume: Polystyrene has a very low density and high volume. This makes it inefficient to collect, transport, and store for recycling. The large volume of polystyrene waste means that it occupies significant space in collection bins and transport vehicles.

Contamination: Polystyrene products are often contaminated with food residues, dirt, and other materials, which complicates the recycling process. Cleaning polystyrene to make it suitable for recycling can be labour-intensive and costly.

Separation and Sorting Issues: In mixed recycling streams, polystyrene can be difficult to separate from other materials. Automated sorting systems may not always identify and sort polystyrene accurately, leading to contamination of recycling streams.

Recycling Process: The recycling process for polystyrene can be technically challenging. It often requires specific equipment and technologies, such as densifiers or compactors, to reduce the volume and prepare it for reprocessing. These technologies are not always available at standard recycling facilities.

Due to these challenges, many local recycling collections do not accept polystyrene, and it often ends up in incinerators or landfills. 

How Can I Dispose Of This Waste Safely?

To ensure your polystyrene waste is recycled, get in touch with a professional waste management company. If you are a business dealing with large quantiteis of this material, Plastic Expert can offer a collection and recycling service. This makes it easy and sustainable to handle your waste, whilst offering affordable prices.

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