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West Ham Tackle Stadium Plastic Waste

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West Ham Stars Attack Global Recycling Day Head On

West Ham United players Alphonse Areola, Tomáš Souček, Vladimír Coufal, Lucy Parker and Lisa Evans have visited a unique plastic recycling shop on Berwick Street, Soho, for an initiative to mark Global Recycling Day. The initiative was launched on Global Recycling Day, an international day of action that aims to promote recycling and raise awareness of the need to conserve natural resources.

How Are They Tackling Plastic Waste?

Catering staff from Delaware North have been collecting plastic bottle tops from drinks that have been bought at the venue by supporters. The plastic waste is then transported to a retail destination plastic recycling concept shop called ‘Are You Mad’. To mark Global Recycling Day, the West Ham stars visited this shop to learn more about recycling and help with the plastic recycling process.

‘Are You Mad’ Plastic Recycling Shop

At this shop, plastic waste is sorted, shredded and turned into new objects. This process includes cleaning items and separating waste depending on colours and types. The waste collected at this unique shop is from both businesses and shoppers. New items turned into from the plastic waste include combs, coasters, spinners and bottle top openers. 

West Ham United Women’s Team Defender Lucy Parker:

“It is really good to be here to see how we can take single use plastics and keep reusing them to make different products. Climate change is a very big thing and anything we can do as a Club and as individuals to raise awareness of things that are damaging our planet, such as single-use plastics, is a really good idea.”

We Recycle Plastic Waste

At Plastic Expert, we collect and recycle plastic waste for businesses across the UK. In order to tackle the global waste problem, we must work together to recycle as much waste as possible. Whilst this is sustainable for your business, our service also creates an efficient approach to waste management. Get in touch today to recycle your bulk loads of plastic waste.

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