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Virgin Group To Transform Plastic Waste Into Low Carbon Fuel

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Virgin Group & Agilyx Announce Strategic Partnership

Virgin Group has announced a partnership with Agilyx to supply low-carbon gasoline for future flights. The team plans to develop low-carbon fuel facilities in a bid to tackle global plastic pollution and reduce their carbon footprint. This is part of their mission to achieve net-zero by 2025, and will make use of the growing amount of plastic waste piling into landfills.

Who Are Agilyx?

Agilyx develops innovative technology to help solve the problem of plastic waste. They aim to expand advanced recycling and circular life by transforming into a low-carbon economy. The group delivers technology-based solutions to convert hard-to-recycle plastics into valuable low-carbon products at a commercial scale.

Agilyx CEO Tim Stedman

“We cannot keep wasting all of this plastic, throwing it away, littering our oceans… this is a valuable material,” 

How Will Virgin Group & Agilyx Work Together?

They have announced that they will reuse plastic waste to produce synthetic crude oil which can then be refined into a low-carbon fuel. This will then be used across Virgin Atlantic and introduced to the global market in the future. Agilyx’s advanced technology involves breaking down plastic waste using a pyrolysis process. This method converts mixed waste into synthetic crude oil. Cyclyx, which are majority-owned by Agilyx, will source the plastic waste used in the research and development.

The Benefits Of This Project

Finding a way to reuse plastic waste whilst providing a solution to adapt carbon fuel is key to cutting toxic emissions and the rate of global warming. Plastic recycling not only saves raw materials from being overused but also monumental amounts of energy. The jet fuel partnership will save discarded plastic waste from emitting toxins in landfills and seeping into our soils, whilst harming habitats and the environments surrounding us. Aviation is responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions from all transports sources, therefore developing a solution that can cut this percentage will have a huge impact on the sustainability of our planet.

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