Unilever have announced a new partnership with Greenredeem that will support Comic Relief.

Some of Unilever's brands, such as Persil and PG tips are already working with Comic Relief to encourage Greenredeem members to donate points earned from recycling. recycling In the words of Greenredeem: “Unilever and Greenredeem are working in partnership to inspire members to boost recycling rates and improve our environment for the next generation. By incentivising positive actions, such as recycling at home and making other sustainable green actions, Unilever hopes to help members increase the amount they recycle, to meet and exceed the EU recycling target of a 50% recycling rate by 2020. But it doesn’t just stop there! Unilever believes there’s never been a better time to create a brighter future for our children.” recycling By pledging to recycle their teabags and Persil bottles, Greenredeem members can earn ten points for Comic Relief. With over 135,000 members, the donations could equate to around £20,000 to contribute to Red Nose Day. Last year, Red Nose Day raised an incredible £108,436,227. Through schemes like this, where people and businesses are incentivised to recycle, you can see people increase their efforts and treat their waste more responsibly. With the EU target for recycle rates set at 50% by 2050, it's nice to see large corporations and schemes working together to make a postive impact. recycling It's not only through this partnership that Unilever are making a huge contribution. Project Sunlight feeds families through food schemes, helping to rebuild homes in disadvantaged countries, teaching about health and working to make the world zero hunger. Anna Owen, Unilever Project Sunlight Marketing Manager said: “We’re so excited to work with Greenredeem to drive recycling rates in the UK. It is shocking how far the UK lags behind other nations and we see incentivising positive action as a key mechanic to move rates forward, to meet and hopefully smash 2020 target levels.To drive behaviour change we know you need to make it easy, fun and rewarding to do the right thing – and that’s just what the Greenredeem platform offers. We hope that through the partnership we can educate our consumers that they can recycle more Unilever product packaging than they may realise.”   You can make a donation to Comic Relief by following this link!