naval port case study

UK Naval Port Case Study

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The Recycling Enquiry

We received an enquiry from a UK based Naval Port looking to dispose of several types of rope. These included ship mooring ropes up to 60mm diameter, through to lashing rope of 12mm diameter. The rope waste was mostly PP, but some of it was suggested to be Nylon. All the rope was palletised and stored in cages prior to our collection.

How We Helped

We responded to the enquiry immediately and requested photos and additional information.  Our team then came up with a recycling solution for the customer, which avoided a disposal route and the high costs that would apply to this.

Collection & Recycling Process

We collected the whole amount on one arctic curtain sided lorry. The customer had 3 forklifts available, plus staff on the day of our collection. Being a Naval base the customer needed full driver and vehicle details which we are able to supply for clearance.

rope recycling case study

Recycling Reports & Documentation

A full report with the total weight of the rope was sent onto the customer. This allows them to see how much waste they have recycled and the significant cost savings from using Plastic Expert. 

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert the customer avoided disposing of the rope recycling. This saved space in landfills and the environment from further pollution. Some of the rope had been sat on site for a number of years following its removal from various ships. With our help, the customer now has space back on site and has boosted their recycling rates.

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