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The Top Eco Friendly Brands

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9 Top Eco Friendly Brands

As the world strives to become more environmentally conscious, many companies and brands are taking steps to ensure that their products and practices are eco friendly. From the sourcing of their materials to the packaging, several companies are doing their part.

This is through reducing their carbon footprints, lessening their environmental impact, and promoting sustainability. 

Here are 9 of the top eco friendly brands that are leading the charge in promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. 

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a cleaning product company that specialises in plant-based, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly products. Their products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients, and they use recycled materials in their packaging. It’s becoming much more common now for commercial cleaning companies to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Seventh Generation has set a high standard in the cleaning products industry. They prioritise non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that their cleaning products are safe for both homes and the environment. With a focus on reducing plastic waste, they offer eco-friendly alternatives in recycled plastic bottles.


Patagonia is a clothing and outdoor gear company that is dedicated to protecting the environment. The company uses recycled materials in their products and packaging, and also promotes sustainable agriculture and responsible fishing. 

Patagonia also uses organic cotton and recycled materials in their clothing, advocates for environmental causes, and leads the way in supply chain transparency.

The Eco Shop

The Eco Shop is an online marketplace that brings together a diverse range of sustainable products, from organic cotton clothing brands to recycled paper stationery. They serve as a hub for environmentally conscious consumers seeking high-quality, eco-friendly items for every aspect of their lives.


Bambu is a company that specialises in sustainable kitchenware. All of their products are made from renewable and sustainably sourced materials and are free from plastics. From kitchen utensils to reusable straws, they offer a wide array of products that reduce the environmental impact of our daily lives.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade is more than just a digital publication; it’s a movement. They spotlight sustainable brands and provide invaluable information on conscious consumerism, emphasising the social and environmental impact of the products we choose.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an eyewear brand that is dedicated to sustainability. The company measures their carbon footprint on all fronts of the production process and offsets its emissions with the help of third-party businesses.

The business has disrupted the eyewear industry with its stylish, affordable glasses. They not only provide free eyeglasses to those in need but also incorporate sustainable materials into their eyewear, reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.


Everlane is a clothing brand that is committed to using sustainable materials in its products and packaging. They use the most sustainable resources from farm to factory, and invest in new fabric innovations.

The brand values transparency, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability. They produce sustainable fashion essentials, emphasising fair labour practices and sustainable materials in their clothing lines.


Lush has redefined the beauty industry by offering handmade cosmetics with a strong commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. Their minimal packaging and cruelty-free approach set a high standard in the cosmetics world.

The cosmetics company has a strong focus on organic, plant-based products. Their products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients, and they use recycled materials in their packaging. 

Package Free

Package Free is a company that specialises in plastic-free products. All of their products are made using naturally sourced materials to have minimal impact on the planet. They want to help all of their consumers “live a zero waste, minimalist, and low impact lifestyle.”

Package Free is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. They offer a wide range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products designed to help consumers make conscious choices in their everyday lives.

Top Eco Friendly Brands Infographic

Top Eco Friendly Brands infographic

The Benefits Of These Eco-Friendly Brands In 2023

The rise of eco-friendly brands is not just a trend; it’s a response to the growing awareness of our collective impact on the environment. These brands, driven by a commitment to sustainability, offer a myriad of benefits that extend beyond their products. 

Here are some of the compelling advantages of supporting eco-friendly brands:

Reduced Environmental Impact

Perhaps the most significant benefit of eco-friendly brands is their dedication to reducing the environmental footprint of their products. They prioritise the use of sustainable and recycled materials, which not only conserves natural resources but also minimises pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation. By choosing these brands, consumers actively contribute to a healthier planet.

Ethical and Transparent Practices

Eco-friendly brands often place a strong emphasis on ethical practices and transparency throughout their supply chains. This commitment ensures fair treatment of workers, safe working conditions, and fair wages. Such practices promote social equity and accountability in the business world, setting a positive example for other companies to follow.

Quality and Innovation

Sustainability and quality are not mutually exclusive. Eco-friendly brands understand the importance of creating products that are not only environmentally conscious but also high-quality and durable. Their commitment to innovation leads to the development of innovative, eco-friendly materials and designs that benefit consumers.

Health and Well-being

Many eco-friendly brands offer products that are safer for both consumers and the planet. This is especially evident in industries like cleaning products and cosmetics, where harmful chemicals are replaced with plant-based and non-toxic alternatives. Choosing these products contributes to a healthier home environment.

Consumer Empowerment

Eco-friendly brands empower consumers by providing information and choices that align with their values. They educate customers about the environmental and social impact of their purchases, enabling individuals to make informed decisions that positively affect the world.

Inspiration for Change

By leading the way in sustainable practices, eco-friendly brands inspire others in their industries to follow. They contribute to a shift in consumer preferences and encourage competitors to adopt more sustainable practices, thereby amplifying their impact on the environment.

Community and Advocacy

Many eco-friendly brands actively engage in advocacy and community initiatives. They support environmental causes, charities, and local communities, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the planet’s well-being. Supporting these brands indirectly contributes to these meaningful endeavours.

The benefits of choosing eco-friendly brands extend far beyond the products themselves. By supporting companies such as those listed in this article, consumers can play an active role in shaping a more sustainable and ethical future. These brands serve as beacons of hope in a world striving for positive change, setting the standard for responsible and conscious consumption.

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