The benefits of using plastic packaging

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Plastic is one of the most commonly used packings for food. Many of the items that we buy from our supermarkets will come packaged in a mixture of different types of plastics. Plastic recycling is something that we all need to consider, particularly with our reliance on these resilient and useful plastics.

Plastic Packaging Can Handle Extreme Temperatures

We probably all dip into a bit of convenience food every now and again. Whether that means microwaving a lasagne or popping one in the oven there is something that it always has in common; the plastic packaging. The reason that plastic is so often used in the packaging of things like ready meals is because of its capacity to withstand extreme temperatures. We can put these items into the fridge for several days and our food will be airtight and fresh. Or, we can even put them in the freezer for months on end, or into the oven at over 200 degrees and they don’t melt or warp. Our food is kept perfectly safe inside them at all times.

While foil may be used for some oven dishes, this cannot obviously be used in microwaves. Here is somewhere that these plastics have a clear advantage.

Plastic Packaging Is Lightweight

When it comes to shipping costs, weight plays an important factor. And lower shipping costs mean greater profits for the retailer or savings in prices for us. Another advantage of lighter packaging in transport will be the lowering of carbon emissions due to the ability to carry more on each trip.

Plastics Can Be Recycled

The fact that plastics can be recycled also means that packaging can often be made from recycled plastic. If we continue to ensure that we are recycling everything that we can, we will reduce the need for raw ingredients and reduce the amount of waste plastic going to landfill. Ensuring that continue to improve our plastic recycling rates is vital as it will mean that we can continue to live the lifestyles we have become accustomed without further damaging the environment.

Plastics Can Be Moulded Into Any Shape

Unlike many other materials such as cardboard, plastics can be moulded to whatever shape you need them. That makes them ideal for holding certain products. Whether that is containers such as bottles for holding drinks or tubs for butter and yogourts, the versatility offered by mouldable plastics means that packaging designers can do anything they like with the material.

Plastics Are Very Durable

When it comes to transporting containers and packaging, you need a material that can withstand a knock-or-two. Plastics beat many other packaging materials such as cardboard by being very hardwearing and less likely to get damaged.

Whatever type of plastic packaging that you come across, check to see if and how you can recycle this. Ensuring that we all participate in the recycling of plastics will mean that we can continue to use the same resources without having to contend with lots of unrecycled waste plastic.

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