The Benefits Of Balers For Businesses

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Why Are Balers Used?

Both large organisations and small businesses across the UK are pulling in the benefits that waste balers have to offer. These pieces of machinery help businesses generating waste compact their materials into neat, secure blocks that can then be transported away by waste collection companies. 

Coming in all different shapes and sizes, there is a baler to suit any of your needs. Whether you are disposing of cardboard, plastic, paper, or anything in between, this equipment can help you to reduce the volumes of different types of recyclable waste and prepare to be disposed of effectively.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Balers?

Reduces Your Waste Costs

Having a waste baler on site means that you can compact waste and reduce the number of waste collection trips needed. This means that you can save money and reduce costs for multiple trips taken, and equally have the option to earn rebates for your baled cardboard, plastic, or other materials.

You will also reduce landfill tax and comply with the environmental needs of businesses generating large amounts of waste.

Save Space & Reduce Bin Overflows

When using recycling balers, you are able to press waste materials down into smaller, tidy blocks. This means that you are able to store the bales in an ordered structure rather than cluttered waste across the workplace. 

Reduce Waste Sent To Landfill

Without a baler at your business, waste can get lost and incorrectly segregated into overflowing bins. This is where we find waste is often sent to landfill, when it otherwise could have been recycled into new products.

With a baler, you can ensure that your recyclable materials are correctly prepared for waste collectors to transfer to recycling facilities. This helps to save the environment from overloaded landfills and increase recycling rates in your business. Recycling your waste will also help to boost your green credentials and offer unique characteristics to your business when clients are looking for your services or products.

Reduce Labour Time

As you are able to use a machine to structure your waste, labour time can be deducted in managing multiple waste streams and disposing of the rubbish. This means your team won’t need to flat pack items themselves or manage waste as the compactor can do this for you.

Increases Safety In The Workplace

Having piles of waste scattered around highly increases the risk of dangers to employees. The risk of fires is also lesser when handling waste materials appropriately in the workplace. 

The Types Of Balers Plastic Expert Offers

Below are a list of the types of waste balers that Plastic Expert offers: 

We also sell a range of consumables such as baling wire for our clients to use along with their baling equipment.

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