Sunglasses Made From Recycled Plastic Fishing Nets

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Recycled plastic from the ocean, for your face…

Bureo Inc, from California, are a venture focused on developing ways to utilise ocean plastic and pollution through innovative products. Recently they teamed up with Chilean eyewear business, Karün. Together they have made the ‘Ocean Collection’, the first ever sunglasses made from recycled plastic fishing nets.
The lenses are Carl Zeiss, the designs are Karün, the fishing net collectors are Bureo, but all of the material sourced for the sunglasses comes directly from our massively polluted oceans. Each pair of sunglasses purchased helps to grow Bureo’s ‘Net+Positiva’ programme, which helps to collect fishing nets and recycle them, but also to help coastal communities who suffer from ocean pollution.

It’s often said that making waste valuable is the key to ending pollution, and by collecting fishing nets and making recycled plastic products from them, some progress is made on this idea. The money raised will help educate coastal communities about how to reduce the harm of plastic pollution, how to stop polluting and what to do with the waste they can collect.
There is more to the glasses than just being made from recycled plastic fishing nets. The glasses are designed with the environment in mind, reflecting whale relationships, apparently. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but in effect, the glasses could make life easier for at least one whale. They also look pretty cool.

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