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How to Start a Cardboard Recycling Program at Your Business

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Start A Cardboard Recycling Program At Your Business

Starting a cardboard recycling program at your business can not only help manage your waste, but also contribute to environmental protection. However, before diving into the details of how to start recycling, it’s important to understand the process.

How to Start a Cardboard Recycling Program at Your Business

Assess The Amount Of Waste

First, it’s crucial to assess the amount of waste your business generates and the type of waste. Specifically, how much of it is recyclable cardboard? This will give you a better understanding of the potential scale of your recycling program and the resources required to manage it.

Understand Regulations

Next, you’ll need to research and understand the local regulations and requirements for waste collection and recycling in your area. This will mean you are following the correct guidelines to store your waste ready for recycling.

Develop A Plan

Once you have a clear understanding of the regulations and requirements, you can start developing a recycling plan. This should include details on the type of materials you need recycled and contacting a waste management company.

Designate An Area

When it comes to managing waste, it’s important to have a designated area for the storage of recyclable cardboard. This will make it easier for your employees to separate the waste and for the recycling business to collect it. It’s also important to educate your employees on the importance of recycling and how to properly separate the waste.

Is All Cardboard Recyclable?

When it comes to cardboard recycling, it’s important to note that not all cardboard is recyclable. For example, wax-coated cardboard or cardboard that is contaminated with food or other materials is not suitable for recycling. 

Find A Recycling Business

When you have a steady supply of recyclable cardboard, you can start looking for a cardboard recycling business that can handle this type of waste. At Plastic Expert, we collect and recycle bulk loads of cardboard waste. You may also receive rebates for large quantities.

Why You Should Recycle Cardboard Waste

When it comes to the environment, cardboard recycling can make a significant difference. Cardboard is one of the most common types of waste generated by businesses. By recycling, it can be used to create new products such as boxes, paper, and packaging materials, which reduces the need to cut down more trees.

In conclusion, starting a cardboard recycling program at your business can be a great way to manage your waste and contribute to environmental protection. It’s important to understand the regulations and requirements, have a clear plan, and find the right recycling business to handle your waste. The benefits of recycling can be substantial and well worth the investment.

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