Reducing Waste Costs

Do you want to reduce your waste costs?

Reducing waste costs within any business has an immediate financial benefit. Not only do we help companies lower disposal costs, we also help increase recycling rates and reduce their carbon footprint. Our expert team will conduct a free of charge waste audit to analyse the current waste management system and propose changes accordingly.

How do we delivery cost and environmental savings?

Firstly we’ll perform a top level waste audit which details the following:

  • Types of waste containers used in the current process
  • Number of collections per week
  • Waste breakdown by material type
  • Current recycling rates
  • Existing Contractor Arrangements

Once this information is gathered, we’ll put together a revised waste management system. Cost savings are made by the following methods:

  • Reducing number of collections through waste compaction
  • Profit from separating recyclable materials
  • Selling waste packaging and profit from rebates

Speak to one of our recycling experts today and find out how much money you can save!

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