the red nose that grows

The First Ever Red Nose That Grows For Red Nose Day 2023

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The Red Nose That Grows

In preparation for Red Nose Day on March 17th 2023, Homebase have partnered with Comic Relief retailing the first ever sustainable red nose. The Red Nose That Grows is an environmentally friendly Wildflower Seedbom™ costing £4.50, with all profits going to Comic Relief.

The Red Nose Plant (Source: Comic Relief)

red nose plant

What Is The New Red Nose?

This year, you can purchase a red nose which you can plant at the end of its life. It is a Wildflower Seedbom™ that will attract bees or butterflies, designed and produced by Kabloom. It is made with a starch and natural fibre-based PaperFoam® shell that is 100% compostable, and will biodegrade into the environment leaving wildflowers behind. The sustainable nose will make a huge difference to minimising waste and breathing life into something that may have otherwise polluted the environment.

How Do I Plant My Red Nose?

You firstly shake your Red Nose That Grows, soak it, plant it, and then watch it grow. All profits made from the sales of The Red Nose will go to Comic Relief. The money raised is spent to help poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and the world’s poorest communities. 


wildflowers red nose

Samir Patel, CEO of Comic Relief:

“Times are difficult for many, and it’s never been more important to remember how small acts can make a huge difference. The Red Nose that Grows is the perfect example of this as not only can you help the planet, but by purchasing this Nose your money will also be helping to change lives at a time when people are struggling more than ever.”

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