We can recycle your waste shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is normally always manufactured from a type of plastic named LDPE. This plastic can be easily recycled and should not be placed into a general waste bin provided by a waste collection company. Many of our customers separate this material along with their cardboard packaging. In certain volumes this material can be collected and baled, we can purchase baled shrink wrap along with other types of packaging waste.

Are you paying to recycle shrink wrap?

Speak to us today and discover how you can recycle shrink wrap without incurring costs, in certain volumes this material can be worth good money! We have a strong demand for waste plastic and collect baled material all over the UK.

Why recycle shrink wrap?

Recycling Shrink Wrap and other waste packaging has lots of benefits including:

  • Avoiding Expensive Landfill Costs
  • Reducing the number of waste collections
  • Receiving a rebate on your waste!
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

To discuss your recycling requirements in more detail please contact us on 0845 366 9306 today!