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Recycling Royals & King Charles Sustainable Coronation

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Reusing Clothing From Other Coronations

As The Coronation approaches, news on the decor has been released on The King “to make it the most eco-friendly royal event in history.” The historic items he will be resuing includes clothing previously worn, and the coronation glove made for his grandfather, George VI.

Reusing Chairs From Other Coronations

As well as clothing, the King is taking a sustainable approach to the furniture used. As for the chairs, these will be reused from previous coronations in a bid to act in an environmentally friendly manner. 

The throne chair will have been used by his grandfather and now re-upholstered, featuring the original embroidered coats of arms on the front and back that have been conserved. Re-using items rather than creating from raw resources has a great impact on reducing pollution and promoting recycling for the country to see.

Deborah Moore, The Chief Executive Of Dents

“We’ve got this wonderful, sustainable, eco-friendly king who’s reusing something rather than having a new glove.”

The Importance Of Reusing Items

The concept of reusing items has gained significant momentum in recent years, as the world grapples with the alarming implications of climate change and resource depletion. By extending the life of items, we not only reduce waste but also conserve the energy and resources required to create new products. 

As sustainability becomes a key global focus, the royal family’s decision to reuse clothing and furniture from previous coronations at the upcoming King’s Coronation serves as a timely reminder of the importance of this practice.

Reusing items, such as clothing and furniture, offers a wealth of benefits that go beyond reducing waste. Firstly, it lowers our carbon footprint, as the production of new items typically requires energy-intensive processes and the extraction of raw materials. By choosing to reuse, the royal family is setting a powerful example in reducing emissions and promoting environmental stewardship.

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