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Reverse Vending Recycling Machines: Rewarded for recycling

With the recycling world wondering what the next great step towards increasing rates will be, UK manufacturers ‘Reverse Vending Corporation’ may have found an answer. You may have seen one of their products unknowingly and if not, you probably will soon. The product is called a Reverse Vending Recycling Machine, and it allows people to earn a variety of incentives for recycling plastic bottles and drinks cans. Some machines even allow for glass, light bulbs and batteries! The incentives could be money off vouchers or entry into a prize draw; the possibilities are endless.

“Reverse Vending Corporation is a leading designer and operator of reverse vending recycling machines that utilize advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers.”

I contacted the Senior Vice President Technology at the Reverse Vending Corporation, Steve Stothard, who told me ‘There are over 200 Reverse Vending Machines currently installed in the UK. We are hoping to have a further 1000 machines installed in the UK by 2015, in rail stations, hospitals, supermarkets, offices and the education sector”.
IKEA already has machines in some of their UK stores, though it is at the Glasgow store where a huge collection is under way. Steve informed me that ‘IKEA Glasgow in Scotland already have a bank of machines in their store to collect used drink cans, used plastic bottles, glass bottles, domestic light bulbs and domestic batteries.”

Could Recycling Plastic And Cans Be Any More User Friendly?

There are over 100,000 Reverse Vending Recycling machines installed worldwide, and there are calls from councils and campaigns groups to implement more. We are predicting a very busy future for the Reverse Vending Corporation. The machines contain some really cool bits of technology; they actually create real-time recycling statistics and and friendly customer interface. We believe that the machines can help to create awareness for recycling plastic ‘on the go’, and that businesses can use these machines to make additional profit. The recyclable waste that is collected and compacted in the machines has a value, and that can provide an additional income. It also frees up more time for staff, as the reVend machines can hold over 1,000 items, and send an e-mail to be emptied when they are full! This material is stored until there is enough to be collected, and then it is sold for reprocessing.

This win-win technology could be a huge step forwards for recycling plastic bottles and drinks cans. Do you think it will take off in this country?

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