Young Tim Lee from Morley, Leeds, has started a new venture that combines recycling plastic with music and resourcefulness.

Sixteen year-old Tim collects redundant cards from his local area and turns them into plectrums, which he sells to guitarists all over Europe. For security reasons, he can’t use debit or credit cards, so instead asks people to donate things like store cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. Tim uses a special hand held device that cuts the plectrums into shape, and makes the process quite easy. Recycling plastic cards into plectrums with the help of the community is quite an innovative idea, and something quite brilliant for such a young mind. As a member of the local church band, the congregation have been very supportive and encourage time to make more and more plectrums, after they were a huge hit with music students at the local mission. Local architecture firm Arctic Associates have even weighed in with their support, offering to be the donation point for unwanted cards to make it easy for Tim to collect them. Full Story