When we talk about plastic films, we are talking about a broad range of plastic that is sold at any thickness usually up to 10 mm. This plastic can be used in both packaging and non-packaging applications. However, one thing we can certainly say is that a huge amount of plastic film is used around the world specifically for plastic packaging. We need to ensure that plastic film is recycled properly so that we can protect our planet. With that being said, read on to discover more about the different types of plastic film and how to recycle it properly.      

Which plastics are used to make film?

There are a number of different plastics that can be used to make film. LDPE and LLDPE are two of the most popular options. As they are good moisture barriers, and have good clarity, they boast a lot of the components needed when it comes to the likes of bubble packaging, frozen food bags, carrier bags, stretch wrap, shipping sacks, and other plastic bags. HDPE is also found in a lot of these applications because it is part of the polyethylene family as well. Aside from the examples that have been mentioned, PP film offers good tensile strength, high gloss, good clarity, and exceptional moisture characteristics. PVC film can also be found, especially for shrink wrap, pallet wrap, and industrial wrap. This is usually only in small amounts, though. Another plastic that is worth a mention is PET film, this is most commonly used in packaging and food packaging applications.


Plastic film recycling options

Needless to say, the manner in which plastic film is going to be recycled will depend on the firm that you choose. All companies have different approaches. However, there are three basic levels of processing that are most often utilised. This processes will put the recovered film back into a form, which can then be utilised in order to make new items. These processes include converting ground film directly into a product, dry processing and repelletising, and finally, washing and repelletising. The latter is the most extensive of the three options, whereas dry processing tends to be used for cleaner sources of film.  

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