Plastic Recycling News | ‘The Revised Waste Framework Directive’

Whats on this page?

New Waste Regulations 

What’s happening?

The Environment Agency has written to remind waste collectors that they should collect recycled paper, glass, metals and plastic separately where this is technically, economically and environmentally practicable and necessary to produce high-quality recycling.recycling

Why is it happening?

In order that the UK meets with European Recycling and sustainability targets, industry now becomes a stakeholder within the waste management EU directive. Segregation of waste at source directly assists waste collectors with achieving a much higher quality recyclate. This act of segregation directly leads to meeting the country’s environmental target.
What does this mean?
As a waste producer your company should use a waste collector who operates a segregated recycling service. Co-mingling will be permissible under certain circumstances for example ‘where this process still provides a high quality recyclate’.
What should your business do?
Your business should review its current resource practices; identify efficiency processes in order to provide a higher quality recycled material. An introduction of an environmental policy will help your business achieve its goal in respect of the above. Keeping a record of recycling rates, collections and duty of care documents is an integral part of developing a valuable waste management system.

How can we help?

  1. Plastic Expert can provide specialist advice adapted specifically for your business. Waste audits can also be provided as part of the process.
  2. We provide a wide range of recycling machinery for businesses of all sizes to segregate & compact valuable recycled material.
  3. Fully compliant audit trail and reporting for your recycling activities
  4. We provide a national collection service for segregated & compacted or baled recycled material including:

Cardboard & Paper
Plastic shrink-wrap & packaging
Bottles, tins & cans

To speak with one of our team, simply call 0845 366 9306 or email [email protected]

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