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Recycling In Swansea: Waste Management & Initiatives

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How Does Recycling In Swansea Work?

Swansea, a coastal city in South Wales, UK, has made significant progress in managing its waste through recycling initiatives. From 2021-2022, Swansea reached a recycling rate of 65%. 

Recycling in Swansea is made easier by the city’s collection system, which operates on a weekly basis. Recycling and rubbish collections take place on alternate weeks, with recycling collection taking place once week, and rubbish collection the following week. 

The city council provides bins for both recycling and rubbish, which residents can put out on the kerbside on the designated collection day. The council has made it clear that bins should not be put out before 6 PM the day before the collection day, and should be returned to their designated location after the collection has taken place.

What Happens To Your Recycling In Swansea?

Waste and recycling collected in Swansea is taken to the waste transfer station in Swansea Enterprise Park. Here, materials are sorted, and depending on the material, compacted into bales. The waste is then transported to various recycling facilities for repurposing into new products. These are mostly in Wales or the UK.

The History Of Recycling In Swansea

In April 1990, Swansea started recycling in three areas including Llansamlet, Morriston and West Cross, collecting 6 different items. Following January 2002, kerbside recycling collections expanded to 27,839 properties. In 2004, kerbside recycling collections expanded to cover the whole County of 110,000 properties. 

In March 2011 the Welsh Government published a ‘Collection Blueprint’ for affordable and sustainable local authority services for recyclable, compostable and residual waste following consultation undertaken as part of the Municipal Sector Plan. 

How Your Business Can Recycle More In Swansea

Swansea, the coastal city and county on the southern shore of Wales, has seen significant strides in its waste management and recycling infrastructure over the past years. As the local government has prioritised sustainable living and environmental conservation, businesses in the area are being encouraged to play an active role in reducing waste. Here’s how your business can partake in recycling more efficiently in Swansea:

Understand Local Recycling Guidelines: Begin by familiarising yourself with the recycling guidelines and regulations specific to Swansea. The Swansea City and County Council provides extensive resources and information on its official website detailing what can be recycled, how to separate waste, and collection schedules. By understanding the specifics, businesses can maximise their recycling efforts and reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill and incineration.

Segregate & Bale Waste: Segregating waste ensures that the recycling process is not hindered. When partnering with a waste management company, they can collect baled materials and even offer rebates for bulk loads of specific waste. At Plastic Expert, we provide balers for hire and sale to businesses in Swansea. This equipment allows you to reduce waste volumes and store bales easily for collections. 

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