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Recycling In Bristol: Strives Towards A Sustainable City

In Bristol, UK, recycling has become a top priority. The city council and Bristol Waste Company are leading the charge to ensure that the city is as environmentally friendly as possible. Bristol is ahead of many other core cities in the South West when it comes to recycling, reaching a 47.4% recycling rate. The city is 2.3% ahead of the national average (45.1%).

Bristols Waste Management

Bristol Waste is the city’s waste management service, responsible for collecting and disposing of household waste and recycling. The company operates under a joint venture with the Bristol City Council has set ambitious targets in order to become a more sustainable city. In July 2019, Bristol became the UK’s first local council to declare a climate emergency, the city’s elected mayor adopted the goal of achieving a carbon neutral city by 2030.

Recycling Initiatives In Bristol

Bristols Reuse Shop

Bristol Waste’s 1st ever reuse shop diverts tonnes of items from being thrown away so they can be reused instead by local residents. Waste includes bicycles, electrical equipment and paint that is remanufactured. This is located at the Avonmouth Recycling Centre.

The on-site team spots items that they believe can be given a new lease of life and are then upcycled at the reuse shop. The public can then purchase these items here. This even won a national award celebrating their reuse work from Larac. 

In the first 2 years, the team has saved over 77 tonnes of material from the waste stream, including 22 tonnes of paint, 25 tonnes of books, over 1,400 bikes and 1,600 mobility aids.


bristol reuse shop

Recycle More Campaign

Another initiative implemented by Bristol Waste is the “Recycle More” campaign, which aims to educate residents about the importance of recycling and encourage them to recycle more of their household waste. The campaign includes a range of resources, including leaflets, posters, online tools, and decorated waste bins to help residents learn more about recycling and how to recycle properly.  

Tony Lawless, Managing Director, Bristol Waste:

“This city has taken waste reduction to its heart and it is making great strides in increasing recycling. We know there is still a journey to go on and that we cannot do it alone. By working with the residents – who have literally done tonnes to help already – we can help Bristol waste nothing”.

Bristol University Recycling Initiatives

Bristol University is taking action to increase recycling rates and adopt an efficient waste management system. Its contracted furniture supplier BOF has partnered with a Bristol company to offer the reupholstery and repairs service. The company was deliberately selected as being local to the University to ensure low carbon emissions for transport. They have also pledged to become a net zero carbon campus with a target to reach net zero scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from our buildings by 2030.

Recycling Services In Bristol

Our professional team provides collections and recycling services for businesses in Bristol. Waste we recycle includes most plastics, cardboard, paper, and even hazardous items. We collect these materials in bulk loads, helping to push the recycling rate for the Bristol area. If your business is local and you need help handling waste, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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